5 Best Propane Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

Looking for the best propane tankless water heater online can be overwhelming. There are many electric heaters, but they cannot match the economic and cost-effectiveness of a propane heater. That is why people prefer buying the propane ones with no tank. A tankless heater saves you a lot on utility bills.

Other benefits of using it are that it only turns on when you demand hot water and stay off when you don’t.

These come in all sizes and are designed for use at the home, office, RV, and business locations. Also, these are environmentally friendly and safe to use.


Can you run a tankless water heater on propane?

Yes, you can, and is quite cheap to maintain. There are many reasons why a propane heater without a tank for hot water is a better choice. The outdoor water heaters that have large tanks occupy a lot of space. They are heavy and require costly installations.

The chunkier gas heaters will keep on heating water inside their tanks. However, tankless heaters only use burners when there is a demand for hot water.

There are sensors for adjusting the temperature according to water pressure and demand for hot water. We have the best five recommendations for you with a buying guide.

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Best Propane Tankless Water Heater Reviews

1. Rinnai V65iP Propane Tankless Hot Water Heater

Best Propane Tankless Water Heater

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On top of our list is the Rinnai V65iP Propane Tankless heater because of its popularity on Amazon. It is why Amazon recommends it. The reasons why this indoor heater is a better choice are its features. The design is compact and easy to install indoors or outdoors.

However, it is better to install it indoors under the sink or inside a bath. You can mount it on a wall if you prefer. All of the quality and durable materials make this propane liquid heater a better deal. The price can be a little high, but it is worth it.


The flow rate of the Rinnai V65iP Propane gas heater is 6.5 gallons per minute. It is sufficient enough for two sinks to use at a time. Also, the shower can get uninterrupted hot water for more than ten minutes. There are fast burners that quickly heat water to carry out the demand in faucets and baths.

That is why the V65iP comes with the advice of Amazon. People want maintenance-free heaters for the RV, homes, and office. This gas heater without a tank can be the best solution. However, it is a bit pricey. It is because of the premium-quality materials for its assembly.


The Rinnai V65iP Propane heater comes with a 120-month warranty for the heat exchanger. Also, there is a 1-year warranty for labor and a 60 months warranty for parts. It is to ensure quality performance for the consumers. Thus, you can purchase it with confidence and install it without any worries. When it comes to the design, it is compact and installs quickly. Mounting on walls or under the sink is easy to do. There is an installation and maintenance guide with the pack. Reading it will explain the know-hows of usage and installation.


A professional knows all the safety precautions. That is why the brand recommends that you hire a professional to install it. The natural gas heaters require connections with a water supply and gas supply pipes. It comes with a residential warranty. The South Coast Air Quality Management District approves this propane heater. It can last up to 20 years for one household.

  • The flow rate is 6.5 gallons per minute.
  • There are touch controls with an LCD.
  • It can connect with smartphones.
  • You can set timers and schedules for usage.
  • There is a 120-month warranty.
  • All of the materials are of premium quality.
  • It is expensive.
  • A professional installation is required.



2. VEVOR 18L Upgrade Type Tankless Propane Water Heater

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The VEVOR 18L Upgrade Type Tankless gas heater comes in a multi-protection design. There is overheating protection, low water flow, and over-pressure protection for the unit.  When you want to use a gas heater outdoors, you require some accessories.

That is why it comes with a propane gas regulator with a hose for connecting with various accessories. Its design lets you install it indoors, outdoors, home, office, and for the RVs. This gas heater is best for the summers and the winters because it has preset modes for both. These reasons make it our second choice. Let us explore more of its features.


The VEVOR 18L Upgrade Type Tankless propane heater for homes and RV has all premium quality materials. Most of the body uses stainless steel that is durable and long-lasting. There are anti-rust materials with heat-resistant elements to provide performance without any problems. Also, it has high-temperature-resistant copper fittings and accessories. When the temperature reaches 75°C, it protects itself.

All of these features ensure that this natural gas heater will last for years to come. There is no need for maintenance. However, there is a care and maintenance guide inside its pack for you to read.


You can get hot water in faucets and showers because of its 4.8 gallons per minute water flow rate. It is best for tiny homes, RVs, and apartments because it is enough for medium-size families. The 18 liters per minute means a shower or two faucets can demand hot water. Thus, it can provide hot water without any interruptions for almost ten minutes. You can use LPG to heat water and save on utility bills. Also, it only turns on when you demand hot water. There is no wastage of propane or natural gas. Therefore, the use of this heater makes for the best cost savings.


There is a T 13 advanced burner with a closed combustion construction. It can turn itself off automatically when the gas supply fails for added safety. This gas heater has modes to use in the summer or winter season. You can turn the summer mode on to save gas and use optimum low heat water. So, overall it is one of the best gas heaters.

  • It has a stainless steel frame.
  • There is a large-size LED display screen.
  • The multi protection design makes it enduring.
  • Easy-to-use knobs are best for controlling functions.
  • There are summer and winter modes for saving energy.
  • You can mount it on walls.
  • It is best for medium-size families, RVs, and tiny homes or apartments.



3. Happybuy Tankless Water Heater Propane 16L

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This premium quality tankless propane heater is best for home, outdoors, and RV use. Its premium design and high-quality construction materials make it our third choice. When you are looking for a durable and long-lasting gas water heater, it is the one to select. All of the materials are rust-free, corrosion-free, and use stainless steel and copper materials. Also, it is well-sealed for quality performance. Thus, there is no need for maintenance or worries about water leaks. There are easy-to-use controls with a large-size LED display screen. It shows the temp readings and other functions.


There are many protections built-in for this gas heater. It has overheating, overpressure, anti-frozen, and no flame protection. Also, it has sensors for overflow protection. This heater has 6-in-1 multi protections that make it last for years to come. Installing it outdoors is a feasible option because of these protection features. It also has sensors that keep its temperature to remain lower than 75°C for safe showers. There is a 20-minute timer for better heating safety. Therefore, it is safe to use at home or for an RV. Let us look at some of its other features.


The Happybuy tankless propane heater has a heating power of 32 KW. It provides 16 liters of hot water per minute. Thus, you can use two faucets with comfort at once. This gas heater can supply hot water without any interruptions for more than ten minutes for a single shower. It can heat water from 50°F to 140°F. The thermal device is capable of saving up to 11% of energy. You can start it at 0.015 MPA water pressure. Also, it requires the standard 0.02 to 0.8 MPA water pressure to work.


It comes with copper G1/2-inch hose connectors, filtration mesh, gas emission tube, and copper water tank. It is light in weight and portable. Mounting on a wall is easy and takes less than 20 minutes. There are all accessories inside the pack for quick installation. There is no need to ignite the pilot. You can insert two D-Type batteries for the auto-ignition to work. It only weighs 17 pounds and has a 13.7 x 6.3 x 25.6 inches size. So, you can measure the space where you are going to install it.

  • The design is portable and stylish.
  • There is a large-size LED display screen.
  • It can save up to 40% of your gas bill.
  • All of the materials are high-quality and durable.
  • There are a total of six protections.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • The gas heater is not for large-size families.



4. Camplux CM264B 2.64 GPM Residential Indoor Tankless Water Heater

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The Camplux tankless water heater is best for tiny homes, cabins, apartments, and indoor use. It produces medium hot water for small and medium-size families. The design of this compact gas heater is easy to install and mount on walls. There is a power rating of 120V, and it requires a 0.4 PSI propane gas pressure to operate.

Its maximum power output is 68,000 BTU/hour. All of the materials are of premium quality. You can save almost half on your utility bills because of its energy-saving features. This instant water heater only heats water on demand. Thus, there is no gas wastage.


This gas heater has a hot water flow rate of 2.64 gallons per minute. The specifications of this heater can explain its energy-saving functions. It can heat the water to 77°F.  The size of this heater is 12.8 x 5.91 x 20.28 inches. So, it is a compact and portable gas heater.

There is no tank for storing hot water. It only provides on-demand hot water.  On the front, it has a digital temperature display. You can use it with a 20lbs to 100 lbs propane gas tank. There is a safe electronic ignition system for safe ignition.


There are safety features for this gas heater. You can use it in winters without worries because of anti-freeze protection. Also, it has flame-out protection. There is airflow pressure switch protection for better safety options. This heater for baths, showers, and faucets has a high-quality ventilation system for energy-saving.

The pack contains a 2-inch venting pipe and 1/2-inch NPT fittings. Hence, it comes with all the fittings for quick installation. However, it is best to use an expert to fix the water gas heater. You can also contact customer support for any help.


The Complux has more than 15 years of experience in the gas and electrical industry. That is why you can purchase the heater with confidence. Also, there is a warrant for any manufacturing fault. There is a digital LED display that shows temperature settings.

You can control or change the temperature of the gas using two rotating knobs on the front. It has advanced combustion technology with multiple protections. All of the connectors, fittings, and adapters are tested and approved.

  • The design is compact and easy to install.
  • There are Eco and Full gas switches.
  • It has a digital display for real-time temperature readings.
  • You can control its settings using knobs.
  • There is overheating and airflow pressure protection.
  • All of the materials are of premium quality.
  • It is best for small apartments or tiny homes.
  • The price can be expensive.



5. Thermomate ZERO16 4.23 GPM

best propane tankless water heater reviews check price amazon

The thermomate ZERO16 is a stylish and compact 16 liters tankless gas heater for outdoor installation. Also, you can fix it indoors or use it for RVs. It requires low 0.7 PSI startup gas pressure. There is no need to use an extra pressure pump. That is why it can also work for boats and yachts.

There are energy-saving features that let you save on gas and lower water bills. It will only heat water when there is a demand for hot water. This gas heater comes with two outflow sensors that can adjust the temperature as per the requirement.


The flow rate of this heater is 4.23 gallons per minuter. Thus, you can use two faucets or a single shower at one time. However, it is not for large-size families. There are features like anti-freezing protection and overheat protection.

Therefore, the gas heater can turn it off automatically to protect itself. Its anti-freeze drain plug will not let the gas or water freeze in cold winters. Also, it has flame-out protection. Whenever the gas fails, it will shut down for added safety measures. The thermomate ZERO16 also comes with a sensor for turning it off when hot water reaches a 185°F temperature.


The design of this heater saves extra space because of its sleek and compact size. Therefore, you can use it for outdoor activities. You can shower pets or use hot water when camping outdoors.

There are all the fittings inside the pack for quick installation. It comes with 1/2-inch BSP water fittings. Also, there is an instruction and maintenance manual guide. The heater has easy to control knob for setting the hot water temperature. You can see the real-time water temperature on its digital display screen.


The power rating for this heater is 109,000 BTU/Hr. It requires a 0.4 PSI-related gas pressure to operate in normal conditions. Its size is 25.6 x 7.5 x 15.7 inches. You can take measurements of the space where you plan to install it. There is a requirement of two D-Type batteries for it to operate. Also, you can use the accessories that come with the package. These are garden hoses, Teflon tape, and fixing kits bag.

  • It can startup on 0.7 PSI gas pressure.
  • There is a dual solenoid valve.
  • It has overheating and gas failure protections.
  • You can install it with comfort.
  • The design is compact and stylish.
  • There is a digital display screen.
  • The package comes with accessories and a fixing kit bag.
  • This gas heater is a bit pricey.
  • You can use it for small-size families.



Buying Guide: Are Propane Tankless Water Heaters Worth it?

Before you decide to purchase any best propane tankless water heater, there are things you must know. You have to take measurements of the space where you plan to install it.

These do not require a power plug. However, you need to insert two D-Type batteries for it to operate. Always read the manual guide that comes with the gas heater. These are other things that you need to know.


Which features should I look for in a gas water heater?

There are many similar and unique features for every propane water heater. That is why you can check for the features and functions you require.

Most of the gas heaters come with overheating, high pressure, gas failure, and anti-freeze protection. Some of these have LED or a digital display screen. Also, there are one or more knobs for controlling the settings. All gas water heaters provide hot water to the faucets as per demand.


The large-capacity baths and households require heaters that can heat more water. Thus, you have to determine how much hot water you use daily. These heaters can heat up from 2 to 8 gallons of water per minute. If you have a small-size family, you can use any water heater with up to 6 gallons per minute heating capacity.

However, large families will require more gallons of hot water. So, you can use two or three heaters in this scenario.


Some have Smart features like a Bluetooth or WIFI connection to use with smartphones. You can use your smartphone to control its various settings and set up timers and schedules.

However, these can be expensive. But the price is worth the premium quality and convenient features and functions.


What should be the size?

The size of the natural gas heaters matters when it comes to using hot water. Some of the heaters are too compact and work best for bachelor or outdoor explorations.

Most of the heaters come in a 16-liter or more capacity. These are best for small-size families, tiny homes, apartments, and boats. Therefore, if you have more family members, you can buy high-capacity tankless water heaters.

The weight of most gas heaters for baths and faucets is around 45 pounds, with the size of 14.04 x 9.27 x 26.9 inches. Therefore, you can take measurements of the space where you will install it. There are many areas where you can select to mount it.

However, it will require a connection with water pipes. You can fix it near the main water supply. So, the size of the gas water heaters is almost the same, but the capacity varies.


How can I install it?

We recommend that you use the help of an expert when it comes to installing any gas heater. It is better to be safe than sorry later.

However, if you know how to install it and have the experience, you can install it yourself. Every heater comes with an installation guide and accessories.

You must install it near a gas outlet and a water outlet for connecting. A professional knows all the safety precautions. That is why the brand recommends that you hire a professional to install it.

The natural gas heaters require connections with a water supply and gas supply pipes. It comes with a residential warranty.


There is support for installing or mounting on walls. If you want, you can install it under the sink. However, it is best to mount it on a wall outdoors. There are knobs that you can use to control water and gas. You can set the heating temperature using a knob.

Also, there is a gas regulator knob for controlling gas input. When you want to know about the current water temperature, you can check a large-size LED display screen. It is right next to the knobs for easy access.

Most of the gas water heaters use a LED screen. However, there is a temp reading on the knobs for the heaters without a LED screen.


How to maintain it?

If you buy a quality gas heater it will require less maintenance. The reason is its premium quality stainless steel or water and heat resistant elements.

The cover and the casing of all gas heaters play a vital role in making it last for years. Some of these natural gas heaters use stainless steel covering.

Most of the heaters have heat-resistant and durable materials. Also, the quality of the knobs and buttons needs consideration. So, always check the quality of the knobs and buttons for changing their settings. When you buy any gas heater, look for premium quality casing and designs.


The brushed stainless steel cover makes a gas heater last longer than other heaters. Also, it makes the heater rust-free and stylish.

There are extra accessories inside the pack for outdoor showering. Also, there is a kit for using outdoors and when installing the natural gas heater.

Some have an LED screen to show the real-time temperature of the water inside the water pipes. Therefore, you can take showers when camping outdoors or shower your pets. The package of all heaters comes with a complete installation guide.


There are maintenance instructions in this guide. It is better to hire a professional to fix or repair the gas heaters. Also, the experts know how to install it using all safety and other procedures.

Thus, an expert will make sure your heater requires no maintenance after installation. After a few years, you can call the expert again to check the heater for any repairs.

Most of the water heaters can last for many years without any need for maintenance. However, changing the batteries for ignition can require once or twice every year.


The outdoor installing gas heater does not require a lot of maintenance. Most of the heaters only need a replacement for batteries when they run out. You can change the D-Type batteries with ease or read the manual guide for instructions.

Every propane heater comes with a warranty. Therefore, if it fails, you can check its warranty period and claim the warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which brand can you trust for a tankless propane water heater?

Brands like Rinnai, VEVOR, Camplux, and thermomate are popular on Amazon.

Is there a warranty for the gas water heater?

Yes, these come with warranties.

How to care for the water heater?

Most of the gas water heaters without a tank do not require maintenance. All need D-Type batteries to operate the ignition. So, you can change the batteries when they run out.

Where can I buy a propane tankless heater?

There are many online stores like Amazon that offer the best gas heaters without a tank. You can search the Amazon store for the best ones.



The best propane tankless water heater has premium quality materials. There are various protections like flame-out, anti-freeze, overheating, and low-pressure protection.

Most of the gas heaters have LED or a digital display screen. Also, these are easy to install or mount on a wall. Some are best for outdoor use.

So, tiny homes, apartments, RVs, and boats can use these for hot water. We have the top five heaters with a buying guide for you. Thus, you can buy the one that fits your requirements.

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