10 Best Reverse Osmosis System Reviews 2022

There are many perks to connecting one of the best reverse osmosis system for your home water supply. Not only do you save a lot of expenses by treating water economically, but the whole house can get fresh water.

Every faucet and kitchen sink can offer pure drinking water. Therefore, you can cook and drink clean and healthy water. Also, infants and kids have sensitive stomachs.

Minor amounts of contaminants in water can make them sick. The RO filtration system uses a reverse osmosis membrane with other quality filters to remove up to 99% of water pollutants.

10 Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Reviews

1. iSpring RCC7AK RO System(Amazons Choice)

best reverse osmosis system

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The iSpring 6-stage reverse osmosis water filtrations system has all the best tools for drinking water. There are six filters with a RO membrane to reduce all tap water contaminants.

Also, it comes with NSF certification. All of the construction materials are safe and toxic-free. Amazon recommends and rates this RO system with a high rating because of its features.

Plus, it has an alkaline remineralization filter. So, it retains all healthy minerals for you and your family’s well-being. The water tastes better and extends the life of home appliances. Its price is budget-friendly, and it is easy to install.


The RO filter has a six-stage filtering process to remove all water pollutants from tap water. There is an NSF and ANSI 58 certification for safe materials and quality performance.

ISpring RCC7AK is like a water filter with three inlets, one water tank, and three more filters.

Therefore, the RO membrane system is just over it and connects with the other two inlet filters. Thus, the combination of all six filters and their design eliminates up to 1,000 water pollutants. The design of the filter makes it easy to install.

However, an expert can fix it under the sink.

It uses PP sediment, GAC granular activated carbon, and CTO carbon block filters for complete contaminant removal. The mix of carbon filtration system and reverse osmosis system ensures healthy drinking water.

Therefore, you can use it for washing clothes. It will prolong all home appliances that use water because of no limescale. The capacity of the pressurized storage tank is 3.2 gallons. Also, it has a 75 GPD capability.

So, it can accommodate all clean water requirements of a large household. The leak-free fittings and 4-color tubing make it durable and convenient. Plus, there are extra o-rings and fitting in the package.

  • It is a six-stage filtration system.
  • There are three inlet filters with an RO membrane.
  • All of the materials are durable.
  • There are carbon block and GAC granular carbon filters.
  • It also has a PP sediment filter.
  • The system comes with an NSF/ANSI 58 certification.
  • The capacity of a storage tank is 3.2 gallons.
  • You can install it with comfort.
  • Replacing the cartridges is easy.
  • An expert can install it under the sink.
  • You have to replace the cartridges after six months.

2. APEC ROES-50 Essence Series

APEC ROES-50 Essence Series

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It is second on the top ten list because of its premium quality and performance. Also, it is one of the top-selling RO systems on Amazon. The reason is its budget-friendly price and the 5-stage filtration system.

Also, it has NSF certification for safe elements and freshwater. The filter assembles in the USA for quality assurance and high attainment. Its design is easy to install under the sink or mount on a wall.

An expert can fix it for you. All filters use durable materials and last long. Therefore, it can connect with the main water supply and provide pure water to all the faucets.


The APEC ROES-50 is a top-tier filter. It comes with all premium quality materials. Plus, there is a 5-stage filtration system with an RO membrane and a water storage tank. It uses the WQA 58 Gold certification system that ensures the delivery of safe and healthy water.

Also, there are premium-quality carbon block filters and a PP sediment system. It will eliminate all VOCs, chemicals, calcium, chlorine, cloudiness, colors, and other pollutants.

Hence, it can remove more than 1,000 water contaminants. Another advantage of this system is that it also removes toxic fluoride and lead components.

This RO system comes with a 2-year warranty with registration. The package comes with DIY instructions and video. Connecting the fitting is easy because of the handy lock system.

Plus, there are JG Food grade certifications for the parts and tubes. All of the quick-to-connect fittings are leakage-proof and durable. Also, there is no need for a leak detector like other RO systems.

The systems works without making any noise. It also ensures trouble-free performance. You can save a lot because it provides an unlimited supply of clean water. The package also comes with a lead-free rotatable faucet.

  • There is a water storage tank.
  • It uses a premium-quality 5-stage filtration system.
  • The system comes with a 2-year warranty and user registration.
  • A complete guide for DIY with video is with the package.
  • It has a high rejection RO membrane for the removal of chemicals and VOCs.
  • You can use it for all household faucets.
  • The system provides unlimited fresh drinking water.
  • High-quality leak-free and easy-to-lock fittings are a handful.
  • A professional can install it.
  • You have to follow instructions for DIY installation.

3. Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System (Best Value)

waterdrop g3 filter

The Waterdrop G3 RO system is a tankless and easy-to-install filter system. Replacing the cartridges is easy and fast. Also, it provides up to 400 gallons per day and has a fast water flow rate.

There is a Smart designer faucet with the package. Plus, it uses seven-stage deep cleansing technology to eliminate all water contaminants.

Another advantage of using this filter is its huge DOW reverse osmosis membrane. It removes up to 0.0001 microns of elements and has a long life. You can get a cup of water within 12 seconds using this filtration system. Click here to buy from Amazon.


The seven-stage filter system ensures removing all chemicals, TDS, VOCs, chlorine, and other elements. There is a carbon block filter that uses natural and high-quality coconut shells for water treatment.

Therefore, you can enjoy tasty and fresh drinking water. The CF filter has PP cotton, carbon block, and another PP cotton water purifier.

Also, the CB filter has an activated carbon block with a size of 0.5-micron pores. It is why it delivers quality fresh drinking water. The capability of this RO system is 400 gallons per day.

There is an intelligent TDS monitor that showcases the performance.

The tankless design means that you can place it under the sink and still have a lot of room. Therefore, you can put other items in the cabinet.

The height of Waterdrop G3 is about 17.6 inches, and it has a width of 5.68 inches. It is why it can save up to 50% of space under the sink. You can save up to 300% of water wastage compared to standard RO systems.

There is also an automatic flushing system that helps to extend filter life. So, after every two hours of constant work, it can flush out dirty water.

  • It is a tankless RO filter.
  • The design is compact and saves up to 50% of space under the sink.
  • There is a seven-stage water purifying system.
  • The filter has a low drain ratio.
  • You can save up to 300% of water wastage.
  • All of the filters use superior quality components.
  • You can install it and replace cartridges with comfort.
  • There is a touch control panel with a Smart TDS Monitor.
  • It comes without a water storage tank.

4. NU Aqua Tankless 600 GPD RO System

nu aquasystem reverse osmosis

The tankless RO system is the trend right now and NU Aqua systems have joined the race.

The main advantage of this RO System comparing to 100 GPD conventional under sink systems is that it can process 600 GPD with an awesome 2:1 of pure water to waste ratio.

Although many people don’t need this much water a day, these numbers are showing well in this system when it comes to filtering water. Click here to purchase from Amazon.


This system has 4 stages of filtration and compact design. It’s a single box that takes a little space under the sink because only the faucet and power supply are outside the main box.

The body contains water filter cartridges which are replaceable and an ultra-noiseless booster pump. This system has the ability to prevent leaks thanks to integrated water channel design.

It’s easy to check the status of filters and your water by using “smart” features.

The LED ring on the faucet will help you to know if one of the filters needs replacement because it will glow red. When it glows blue, everything is working fine. There are also lights that will help to check the overall system health. Using a single 110 V plug, you can connect the system to the power outlet.

  • Great value for the price
  • Very easy to install
  • Compact, tankless design
  • LED ring indicators
  • High-flow of remarkable 600 GPD
  • Easy to change the filter
  • 5-year warranty
  • Initial pressure is not so strong

5. Express Water RO5DX(Best Budget)

Express Water RO5DX reverse osmosis system

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The Express Water RO5DX RO system comes with the recommendation of Amazon. It provides up to 50 gallons of fresh drinking water daily. Also, it is installable under the sink.

There is a 5-stage purifying system that eliminates all chemicals, odor, and VOCs.

A high-capacity water storage tank and an elegant faucet are additional perks. There is also a 1-year warranty for the RO water purifier. It removes up to 99% of all water pollutants and toxic elements. You can enhance it because of its fully upgradeable and customizable design.

Thus, the system is easy to install without any professional help.


The first stage of this RO system is the PP sediment filter. It cleans out sand, dust, particles, and rust from tap water. Then there are the second and third stage carbon block purifiers.

The granular carbon block system reduces VOCs, chemicals, and odor-causing elements. All of these three stages help to increase the life of the RO membrane. It is this reverse osmosis water purifier that focuses on hard-to-remove pollutants.

These are TDS, radium, arsenic, fluoride, and others. The last stage activated carbon block system ensures odor-free and better-tasting water. Hence, the whole household can benefit from fresh drinking water.

All of the filters use double seals for leak-free and high water pressure performance. Also, it has leak stop valves with a leak detection system. Therefore, it stops the water flow when there are water losses.

The system comes with a brass feed adapter and quick connecting fittings.

Thus, you can install it without any expert’s support. When it comes to replacing the cartridges, it is easy and takes only a few minutes. It can provide a 0.8 gallons per minute rate through the faucet. There is a chrome faucet for utility.

  • There are five water purifying stages.
  • It comes with the suggestion of Amazon.
  • All of the materials are of premium quality.
  • The system has a 1-year warranty.
  • There is a high flow rate.
  • It comes with a water storage tank.
  • You can install it yourself.
  • A chrome faucet comes with the package.
  • You can buy it at a budget-friendly price.
  • The RO filter requires installation under the sink.

6. FS-TFC 5-Stage RO system (Best for small homes)

FS-TFC 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis system

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It is a 5-stage water purifier with a reverse osmosis filter. There is a fast flow rate of up to 100 gallons per day.

Also, it comes with four extra filters for utility. The water purifier has superior quality materials and assurance for safe water treatment. It uses a compact design for household and commercial use.

You can install it with comfort and without calling any professional. Plus, it delivers one glass of pure drinking water in five seconds. All of the materials are food-grade and non-toxic. There is also stainless steel faucet with the package.


There are five filters to treat tap water. The first PP sediment system cleans water up to 5 microns. Therefore, it removes all dust, sand, and debris.

The second stage GAC filter removes odor, color, chlorine, and organic elements. A third stage 1 micron sediment filter reduces sediments, colloids, and suspended matter.

Now the treated water is ready to pass through the RO system. It removes all the debris and other elements before using an RO filter to extend the life of the RO membrane.

Thus, the water purifier can work without causing any problems.

The reverse osmosis filter removes up to 99.99% of all chemicals, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, and other contaminants. It also eliminates heavy metals and elements that other filters do not.

A post-carbon filter system is the last stage of this water purifier. You can replace its cartridge every twelve months. It helps the filter to perform better each year. Removing and replacing it is easy and takes a few minutes.

The filter requires installation under the sink. However, you can also mount it if you want. Also, you can use it for an RV or office.

  • All materials are of premium quality.
  • There are five stages for water treatment.
  • It has a compact size for residential or commercial use.
  • There are two PP sediment filters.
  • You can get a glass of drinking water within five seconds.
  • All materials are food-grade and safe to use.
  • You can install it yourself.
  • It fits under the kitchen sink.
  • The RO system eliminates up to 99.99% of chemicals.
  • Removing cartridges every 12 months can be a hassle.

7. SoftPro Green Reverse Osmosis System (Best For Large Family)

softpro green Reverse Osmosis System

The SoftPro Green RO filter uses high efficiency to treat tap water. It comes with a water storage tank. Also, you have the choice of selecting any one faucet style from 20 types. All SoftPro filter systems assemble in the USA for quality assurance. You can install it with ease because of its design.

There are two filter system options to select when you buy it. The advanced alkaline filter and the standard post-carbon system are the two choices. You can return the system because of the six months money-back warranty. It has a flow rate of 75 gallons per day. Click here to purchase from Amazon.


There is a deep five-stage water filtration system. The filter treats tap water without wasting a lot. Therefore, it is 300 times more efficient than the conventional RO filters. Also, there is no need for electricity. All of the filters have a long life. You do not have to maintain the system.

Plus, there are no cleaning requirements. That is why is it is a convenient RO system for the whole household. It comes with a water storage tank and a faucet. The manufacturer offers a six-month money-back warranty. Thus, all materials are of premium quality.

The filter reduces up to 1,000 water contaminants from tap and well water. It can purify up to 0.001-micron particles. Thus, it can eliminate all heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, dust, sand, VOCs, TDS, and other pollutants. The filter also removes viruses and toxins from tap water.

Also, it has an advanced alkalizing purifier that restores healthful minerals.  There are two carbon blocks, a PP sediment, a RO system, and an alkalizing filter. Plus, the capacity of the water storage tank is 3.2 gallons. You can install it yourself because of accessories and an installation kit.

  • There is a deep 5-stage filter system.
  • The advanced RO membrane has a long life.
  • All of the materials are of high quality.
  • The manufacturer offers a 6-month refund warranty.
  • It will not waste a lot of water when cleaning it.
  • Also, there is no need for electricity.
  • There is 300 times more efficient than other RO systems.
  • An alkalizing filter removes acidity and returns healthy minerals.
  • You can install it because of the available accessories.
  • You have to install it.

8. Waterdrop M5

waterdrop m5 reverse osmosis system

It is the one if you are looking for an all-in-one water pitcher and a tankless countertop RO system. There is a multi-stage water treatment system to remove all water contaminants.

Another fantastic feature of this filter system is that it will not use electricity or a pump. Plus, it comes with 180 degrees rotating stylish design. You can use a cartridge for up to 12 months or 550 gallons.

Therefore, it has a long-life filter and fewer requirements for maintenance. There is an 80 oz pitcher with a system for convenient drinking water use. Click here to purchase on Amazon.


There is an innovative reverse osmosis water purifying system. The pitcher uses Tritan plastic for durability and safe use. Plus, you can place it inside the fridge or store pure drinking water. It is a countertop filtration system to solve under-the-sink installation issues.

The system works without electricity and a water pump. Also, there is no water storage tank. All of the design and performance focuses on the user’s comfort. Another benefit of this system is that it uses BPA-free and toxin-free plastic.

Hence, it provides risk-free and healthy drinking water. The materials are also lead-free.

The space-saving design and a 180 degrees rotatable system help to conveniently place and use. There is no plug for connecting. Installation is easy. You have to follow the instructions for connecting two tubes, and the system is ready to perform. It can purify water up to 0.0001 microns.

Therefore, it will remove all chemicals, heavy metals, lead, chlorine, VOCs, and other harmful substances. When it comes to replacing the filter, it only takes a few seconds. Typically, the filter lasts for almost a year. Thus, there is no maintenance requirement.

  • It comes in a compact and stylish design.
  • The system is easy to install.
  • There is an 80 oz portable pitcher.
  • You can use it without electricity.
  • Also, it works without any water pump.
  • The system is maintenance-free.
  • A filter cartridge lasts for 12 months.
  • You can replace the filter within a few seconds.
  • There is no water tank.
  • It uses a 180 degrees rotatable design.
  • All materials are BPA-free and lead-free.
  • Sometimes the flow rate can be slow.
  • All faucets will not get a fresh drinking water supply.

9. Watts Premier RO-Pure

watt premier Reverse Osmosis System

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The Watts Premier RO-Pure is a 4-stage RO filter system. Therefore, it delivers high-quality fresh drinking water. It comes with pre-installed filters, parts, accessories, and a water tank.

Also, the capacity of the water storage tank is 3 gallons. There are also the top mount and air-gap faucet pre-installed. The four stages ensure the removal of all sediments, chemicals, heavy metals, and VOCs.

You can shut off the valves individually for the filters. Thus, replacing the cartridges is easy and less time-consuming. The top brand for plumbing, and heating, Watts Water Technologies backs this filter brand.


There are four stages with the RO system for filtering the tap water. It reduces lead up to 98.8% for great-tasting water. Also, the system works automatically. So, there is no need to control or inspect the process manually.

Combined with the other four stages, the RO stage makes it a complete solution for filtering well or tap water. There is a brushed nickel faucet with the system for easy and quick installation.

The capacity of the water storage tank is 3 gallons. Plus, it is a Zero Pure Plus RO system.

The design of the Watts Premier RO system uses a zero water wastage design. Therefore, it cleans water will less tap water wastage for reducing utility bills.

All of the replaceable filters have a push-button for convenience. There are also check valves on each filter to prevent backflow. You can install the RO system under the sink with ease.

However, if you cannot, you can hire a professional. The design is compact and saves a lot of space under the sink. Plus, the 3 gallons water storage tank ensures a fast water flow rate without any shortages.

  • There are a total of 5 water filtration stages.
  • It eliminates lead up to 98.8%.
  • All of the materials are of high quality.
  • There are push buttons for replacing the cartridges.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Watts Water Technologies backs the brand.
  • It comes with a 3 gallons water storage tank.
  • The filter system has a compact design.
  • All of the parts are leak-proof.
  • You have to install it under the sink.

10. Home Master TMAFC

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It is a seven-stage RO filter system that comes in an innovative design. Also, the brand offers a 5-year warranty for the system. Therefore, all of the parts and filters are of premium quality.

The seven stages ensure the discharge of 99% water contaminants.

Thus, it reduces all chemicals, lead, VOCs, TDS, sediments, and heavy metals. There is also a remineralization system to restore healthy minerals.

You can upgrade the filter whenever you want because of the modular design. So, it is a complete RO water purifying kit for households and commercial use.


The Home Master TMAFC uses seven stages for eliminating all water pollutants. It has the capability of removing up to 0.0001 microns of particles because of the Dow RO membrane.

There are two coconut shell carbon activated filters with a dedicated PP sediment purifier. Also, it has protection from acidic water for filters and the water storage tank.

The package comes with DIY installation instructions and all accessories. So, you can install it with comfort. Plus, the system can effectively clean well and municipal water for households and offices.

  • There are seven filtration stages.
  • It uses Dow RO membrane for better performance.
  • All of the parts and components are of premium quality.
  • There is a 5-year warranty for the system.
  • You can install using the DIY instructions provided in the box.
  • Also, there is a RO adapter.
  • It exceeds NSF certifications.
  • A 3.2 gallons water storage tank comes with the system.
  • The system requires installation under the sink.

Buyer’s guide

The first decision to make is whether to install a reverse osmosis system or not. Then goes the most demanding task – finding the best one. But first, you need to understand how it works and what to consider when buying one.

Water usage: Pay attention to the fact that some RO systems will filter a lot more water than you actually consume.

Storage capacity: Some high-capacity tanks are able to store a lot of filtered water, up to 75 gallons. Spending more on systems with bigger tanks is not always smart and necessary.

Replacement filters: Keep in mind that even the best RO system needs maintenance if you want it to function properly. It’s recommended to even replace filets once a year, so make sure those are available for purchase before buying an RO system.


What are the maintenance requirements for a RO system?

All RO filtration systems come with replaceable filters. Therefore, you have to change them when their life ends. You can replace the filter after six months or according to instructions.

Can a RO system remove fluoride and lead?

Yes, the RO membrane will not allow any chemicals and heavy metals to pass through. Therefore, it removes lead and fluoride up to 98%.

Is the reverse osmosis filter expensive?

Most of these systems are available at a budget-friendly price.

What is a remineralization system for RO filters?

The remineralization system returns the healthy minerals that the RO membrane traps.

Can I install it over the counter?

Yes, you can use most of the RO countertop systems. These come in compact and easy-to-install designs. Also, there are under-the-sink systems.


The best RO system comes with the latest and innovative technology. All of the materials are safe and non-toxic. Also, it has up to seven stages for purifying well or tap water.

Therefore, you can confidently use these systems for fresh drinking water. Some of these come with up to a 5-year warranty for quality assurance. The PP sediment, carbon block, and reverse osmosis filters eliminate all harmful elements.

Most all RO systems are easy to install and come at economical prices. Thus, you can check the top ten suggestions for the best RO systems.

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