5 Best Salt Free Water Conditioner

Hard water leaves stains on your shower; bathtub, sink, and the deposits are on fixtures and faucets. The soap scum sticks to shower walls, it fades and alters the white coloring. Using a salt-free water conditioner is now inevitable for homes to reduce the hard water effects. Regardless of your water source, local municipality, or well, hard water is a big problem.

best salt free water conditioner

There are conventional water softeners that remove the mineral grains altogether from water. This process draws power using a device, increasing the power bill cost. However, the conventional water softeners that are salt-based have a downside in that they remove the mineral grains to zero. It means the magnesium and calcium grains also get eliminated, which are not harmful. It has nutritional value and is a must for our diet.


Luckily, the introduction of salt-free water conditioners has emerged that retain the mineral grains, while the negative effects are removed. This process operates slightly differently, and they are available in varieties.


Considering buying salt-free water conditioners brings a question if my house needs it? If so, which brand is the best? For these answers, go through the 5 best salt-free water conditioners existing here and determine the best.


Best Salt Free Water Conditioners For Home


  • Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System
  • Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Filter and Water Conditioner
  • H2oEliteLabs EWC-Max i 0-35 GPG
  • iSpring ED2000
  • Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System


1. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System (Best Value)

best salt free water conditioner

Anyone looking for a water filter system featuring a softener combo, cannot say no to Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System. It is a compelling system. It is a water filter to purify your house, while it includes softening benefits and you can enjoy no water and electricity wastage.



  • Removes chlorine to 97%, besides other harmful contaminants.
  • SCM salt-free technology that helps to soften water.
  • Up-flow dual tank unique design.


The filter and softener combo uses an activated carbon filter, sediment pre-filter, a mineral, and carbon-zinc stone filter, and a salt-free conditioner to eliminate heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and harmful water pollutants. It prevents and safeguards against the buildup of limescale in water appliances and plumbing. It extends your water heater, washing machine, and other accessories water-related life. The salt-free conditioner prevents minerals from forming scale build-up in your appliances or your pipe. Thus, the result is you get purified, clean water for the whole house.

  • Low maintenance
  • Money-back guarantee for 90-days
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Professional installation to activate the warranty of ten-year.

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2. Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Filter and Water Conditioner

salt free water conditioner

Hardless NG3 is a water filter for the whole house. It links to your main water and is ready to install features outdoors or indoors. It allows getting rid of water hardness and gives you the benefit of reducing sediment, chlorine, and other levels of impurities in one unit. You can enjoy a clean water supply from all the taps in your house. You may brush, shower or drink, anywhere, all are high-quality water.



  • Ready to install cartridge and post filter
  • Leaves behind essential and beneficial minerals, retaining water freshness.
  • No water pressure loss


The design is compact that it can be fit anywhere, besides the low maintenance saves you money and time.  Hardless NG Water Conditioner fits all sizes of homes. It provides healthy, high-quality water from all the taps.  It is an advanced water condition allowing water coverage to the maximum. The design is unique and you can enjoy conditioned water. The water filtration undergoes 5 stages and offers the benefit of eliminating hardness from the water. The advantage is that all these tasks are at an affordable cost. It ensures your entire family is healthy and keeps your dishes spot-free, while there is no soap scum everywhere.

  • Smart and compact.
  • Allows installation indoors or outdoors
  • Eliminates water spots on dishes, shower doors, etc
  • Bocks up to 2 microns the particles.
  • Need to change post-filter and cartridge once in 6 months.

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3. H2oEliteLabs EWC-Max i 0-35 GPG (Best Budget)

best salt free water conditioner for home

H20Elite Labs is a water conditioner that is cost-effective and features a simple to use the facility. You can be assured of salt-free water. It will keep your clothing and skin without blemish. It is a fool-proof way of protecting the hard water system in your household. You can see a real difference in installing the water conditioner. It can be fit on the water pipe. H20Elite Labs water conditioner up to 35 CPG prevents rust and limescale formation. It also removes rust or scale existing, while it extends the lifespan and performance of pipes, faucets, and appliances. It provides all-around cost reduction in the long run.



  • Maximum 35 is the grain capacity.
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • Optional leak detector and indicator lights.


H20Elite Labs water conditioner up to 35 CPG is easy to install. It offers minimal DIY experience, so there is no need to call any assistance to install. The unit weighs 22 pounds, is lightweight that you cannot go wrong in fitting this model. It is eco-friendly, salt-free, and chemical-free, eliminating hard water problems. It improves efficiency that the heating elements run efficiently, and you also enjoy low bills.

  • Protects entire property.
  • Extends your appliances and faucets lifespan
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Coiling the wire during installation is a bit time-consuming.

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4. iSpring ED2000 (Editors Choice)

iSpring ED2000 features a computerized hardness system to purify water. It has an electromagnetic wave that has frequency modulated. This is the biggest and respected system as a water conditioner. It works by smoothly increasing the water solubility. It dissolves automatically the existing scale. it depends on the quality and limescale of pipes and faucets, besides the appliances. The best part of iSpring ED 2000 is that the overall hardness is ensured.



  • Lightweight offering real performance punch.
  • Lifetime warranty and technical support from the manufacturer.
  • Installing at the correct point ensures superb salt-free water.


Installing is not a problem. The manufactures offer support through telephone and email. Thus, without professional assistance, you can install it. It is slightly heavier, yet weighs a lighter side of 2 pounds and fulfills your need.

  • Quality drinking water.
  • Easy to install or maintain.
  • Salt and chemical-free.
  • Works for up to 10GPG hard water level.

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5. Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System

Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System

Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler offers the purest water. The computerized unit transmits signals. The microchip controls the coils wrapped around the pipe supplying water. It changes the water crystals. So there is no buildup scale after installing the unit. The system eradicates water pipes blockages, limescale, rust stains, and dull surfaces. Besides you enjoy heating water costs, getting rid of rust, and cleaning limescale.



  • Water treatment capacity up to 3500 liters/ hour
  • Lightweight weighing 2.2 pounds
  • Money-back guarantee if found unsatisfactory.


It is a must to understand the water hardness level to see amazing results. It needs a power supply of 120volt, while it will consume the energy of 4 watts and is cost-effective. This water conditioner is appropriate for any small office or home. It supplies per hour 3500 liters of water.

  • Reduces bacterial build up.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Does not eliminate any essentials from water.
  • One of the expensive models

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Buyers Guide for Salt Free Water Conditioner

With the hard water issues going on, there is a necessity to look for the best salt-free water conditioner. Look for a product that offers the exceptional functional capability and packs more benefits. It is a must to understand each product and also to research widely before buying and ascertain to satisfy your need. The devices are absolute for people who wish to drink water with its essential minerals. However, here is a buying guide that will help you with these considerations to buy a water conditioner.


Maintenance and Installation

The water conditioner that comes as salt-free ensures ease of installation. It is because most of them feature simple designs. It is also lightweight that you can fix it up as it involves no complex system of installation. To process use the optional kits, if not hire a technician to ensure no setbacks. Aftercare is the only requirement for filter replacement. It is because the salts are already eliminated.


If you can manage tools, you can hook up a water conditioning system. However, ascertain you have patience and time in plenty. A simple tip is flex tubing in combination with shark bite fittings require no soldering and the process becomes easier and faster. Mostly, all the systems eliminate the installation worry as they are already built-in ones. It works as an extra bypass. Regarding maintenance, there is not much to do. At the most, there may be a need to replace, once a while the sediment filters.


If you love installation, pay extra bucks, maybe a few hundred. Also, remember there are water conditioners that are installable within 10 minutes and it is set to forget. There is no need to take a look or recheck the fitting.



The new salt-free water conditioners feature the best technology. The electricity wattage saving and its efficiency present serious implications. The device has installed filtration and it flushes out the microbes, chlorine, and deleterious particulates. It also dissolves the scale embedded into the heating or plumbing system.


The salt-free water conditioners come in different types. Look for the most effective device that does not release into the water anything nor does it remove anything valuable.


Bank on Overhead Costs

Who does not like cutting on costs? These devices are effective in reducing costs significantly. There is no need to replenish salt. The advantage of this device is that it already has a resilient filter requiring upgrades. The devices do not need electricity as it relies on magnetic pulling. The media that attracts contaminants swaps with time.



Water conditioners include UV filtration as optional upgrades for better scale absorbent. Enhancing performance with these accessories is possible. You can broaden your reach to make better-tasting water by removing foreign particles.


Water Parameters

During the process of a water conditioner buying system, you should double-check to ascertain the set condition meets your water essential needs. Check the potential parameters such as a water pH range or temperature, sulfur, low iron, or manganese content.



The salt-free water conditioners are magnetic and electronic units. However, they are larger and so ensure there is enough room in the basement or garage to install it.


Water Flow Rates

The flow rate of the water treatment systems is to the maximum. Check and understand that you cannot exceed the threshold at your peak consumption times. Any attempts of exceeding may result in a drop of water pressure flow or there will be unconditioned water bleed. The recommendation is

  • 12 GPM at least water flow rate with 1 to 3 bathrooms for the household.
  • 15 gallons at least per minute with 4 to 6 bathrooms for homes.



Look for sellers who give you a warranty and:

  • Give a trial period assuring a full refund to the buyer if the water conditioner system is not found satisfactory.
  • Back the systems with a warranty of lifetime.
  • Provide customer support technically.



Getting water tested helps in gauging the water hardness. It can be an overwhelming venture to make an informed choice. Bear in mind the benefits of the systems so that it provides you that you look for. It is a water conditioner for your household; ensure water analysis pointing the excellent and efficient way of shielding your appliances and plumbing from the scale. Also, bask in the purified water benefits.


With a salt-free water conditioner, you will need minimal maintenance and the costs are low. It eliminates the hassle to save money and also reduces the concern of sodium levels in the water.


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