7 Best UV Water Purifier Systems 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best UV Water Purifier

The benefits of the best UV purifier are that it eliminates all disease-causing viruses and germs. Therefore, ultraviolet light kills E.coli, fungi, algae, cholera, and Giardia.

So, it eliminates all living organisms from filtered water. That is why it is the best solution to be sure you are drinking safe water.

There are many RO water filters and filters without reverse osmosis that use it.

After they remove impurities, the living organisms can survive. Thus, the UV light ensures there are no living organisms in your drinking water.

The UV filter cannot remove water contaminants like chlorine, iron, particles, dust, sediments, and other heavy metals.

The filter system uses a two or three-stage filtration system that cleans the water from these. So, the UV filter eliminates living organisms from this filtered water. Thus, it attacks all living organisms and prevents them from regrowth.

It is the best solution for safeguarding yourself from water-borne diseases. So, we have the top seven UV systems that you can use. There will be a buying guide also after the reviews.


Best UV Water Purifier Systems

  • iSpring UVF11A
  • HQUA-OWS-6
  • Bluonics 4 Stage Drinking Water Filter
  • LARQ Bottle
  • Viqua VH410


1. iSpring UVF11A UV Ultraviolet Light Water Filter

Best UV Water Purifier Systemscheck price amazonThis UV filter from iSpring comes with the suggestion of Amazon because it is popular. The features of this UV water cleanser make it economical. It has a Smart Flow sensor that turns on the ultraviolet light when there is a need. So, it saves energy and lowers your utility bills. Also, the life of the UV lamp increases because of less usage. The pack comes with a complete kit for adding the UV filter to a RO system. All you need to do is install it near the tank where there is a high flow rate. Thus, it is compatible with all filtration systems.


The Smart Flow sensor of this filter works automatically and is of durable quality. Most of the consumers have concerns about the quality of the UV lamp and sensor. However, the iSpring ensures these are of premium quality and will deliver. The power of the UV lamp is 11W, and it installs in a stainless steel chamber. Thus, the ultraviolet light kills all microorganisms and stops them from regrowth. Plus, the stainless steel makes the tank last for many years. The UV lamp is made in Poland to ensure its quality.


The iSpring UV system uses a Philips UV lamp that comes with a double-ended UVC. What this means is that it delivers a constant UV output in its lifetime. Thus, it works to kill germs and performs for a long time without causing problems. The stainless steel materials are water-resistant to add more life to them. Therefore, the 304 stainless steel housing comes in a universal connection size. Making it usable with all RO and without RO filtration systems. The pack includes two brackets and the flow sensor switch. It requires a power source to turn on the UV lamp and the sensor.

  • The UV chamber uses stainless steel material.
  • Its UV lamp is of high quality.
  • There is a Smart Flow sensor that will not waste energy.
  • Philips 11W UV lamps have double-ended UVC lights.
  • All of the stainless steel materials are water-resistant.
  • It is compatible with all RO filter systems.
  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The UV lamp has a life.
  • It requires a power source.


2. HQUA-OWS-6 Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Best UV Water Purifiercheck price amazonThe HQUA-OWS-6 Ultraviolet Water Purifier is best for use with RO or filters without a RO system. It kills are bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that are harmful to your health. The UV light of this filter remains inside a stainless steel chamber. All of the materials of this chamber are water-resistant. Also, there is no need for a plumber to install this system. You can use the instructions on the manual and do it yourself. Filtered water enters from one end of this UV chamber, and sterilized water comes out from the other end.


The UV lamp uses 25W of power to eliminate all living organisms from the filtered water. It is worth mentioning that the UV systems do not have filters that remove heavy metals, dust, dirt, VOCs, and other pollutants. These are for killing living organisms that can be a threat to your health. That is why using one keeps you and your family safe from many diseases. The filter has a flow rate of 6 GPM. There is a metal connector that installs horizontally for the inlet or the outlet. It will not change the taste of the water, and all of the materials are environmentally friendly.


The company provides a guarantee for the parts if broken. One of the unique features of this UV filter is that it uses a Quartz sleeve. Therefore, the UV lamp delivers enough ultraviolet light for killing microbes and bacteria. However, you need to take care when you are not using water. The chamber will contain hot water. So, you can let out of the faucet before you use water. It is because the UV keeps on working, and you are not using water. Installing this system is easy, and it is compatible with all RO filters.

  • The UV chamber is of stainless steel.
  • Its UV lamp kills 99% of microbes and bacteria.
  • There is a Quartz sleeve for the UV chamber and lamp.
  • You can install it with comfort.
  • The UV lamp needs replacement annually.
  • There is no flow sensor.


3. Bluonics 4 Stage Drinking Water Filter UV Ultraviolet Light Purifier for Under Sink Filtration System

UV Water Purifiercheck price amazonThe Bluonics 4 Stage Drinking Water Filter comes with an ultraviolet system. There is no need for you to buy a separate water filter that will reduce water contaminants. This filter is for installing under the kitchen sink and comes with a 4-stage water filtration system. All of the materials are of premium quality at an affordable price. Every year there is a UV lamp that needs replacement. So, if you are going to buy a separate filter and UV system, it will require maintenance. Thus, the Bluonics 4 Stage Drinking Water Filter is an affordable solution for this.

This filter is not going to change the taste of the water or its odor. There is no impact on the acidity or alkaline water levels. Thus, it is safe to use for getting sterilized drinking water. There are all the filters except the RO filter. Most of the filters without a reverse osmosis membrane remove water pollutants. It can also remove chlorine, iron, fluoride, and other water impurities. The final stage of the filtration system is the UV stage. It is where the water passes through a stainless steel chamber with a UV lamp. The UV light kills all living organisms that the other filters cannot do.


It can remove up to 100 water contaminants. The UV lamp eliminates microbes and viruses. All of the materials of this filter system are environment-friendly. Also, these are free from chemicals. You can use it for homes, RVs, offices, or commercial use. It will reduce all water impurities and then sterilize the drinking water. Together, the filter delivers healthy drinking water that is safe for you and your family. However, it has no RO filter.

  • There is a 4-stage filtration system.
  • It has all high-quality materials.
  • The UV filter will not change the taste or odor of drinking water.
  • You can use it for RVs, homes, or offices.
  • It can remove over 100 water contaminants.
  • You can install it with comfort.
  • There is no RO filter system.


4. LARQ Bottle UV Water Purifier (Best For Camping)

LARQ Bottlecheck price amazonWhen you need a UV water filter on the go, the LARQ Bottle can be your solution. It is best for camping trips, outdoor adventures, and travels. You can have clean and pure water anywhere. It removes all water microbes and bacteria. Also, it will remove bad taste and odor from impure water. So, the drinking water is safe for you and your family. The design of this bottle UV filter is sleek and of durable quality. Amazon suggests buying it because of these features. However, it is not an installable filter system for home use.


You can use it for home use if you get clean tap water. This bottle can sterilize the filtered water at home for you safely. So, it is usable at home or outdoors. You can take it with you for outdoor adventures. The bottle self-cleans itself every 2 hours to keep itself stink-free. There is a UV-C LED system that sterilizes the water. Pour in the water from any source and let the bottle sanitize the water. It will kill all living organisms inside the water within 60 seconds. There is a button on its top to activate it.


Another feature of this bottle is that it can keep cool the water for a long time. You can use it to keep things cool because it has double-wall vacuum insulation. All of the materials are stainless steel inside this bottle. The removable of its cap deactivates the UV-C LED to keep you safe from UV light. So, you can safely use it to keep things cool for up to 24 hours. Also, it can keep things hot for up to 12 hours. All of the materials are BPA-free and plastic-free. There is a MicroUSB port for charging it.

  • It deactivates itself when you open the cap.
  • There is a UV-C LED lamp for the best performance.
  • The bottle sterilizes drinking water within 60 seconds.
  • All of the materials are BPA and plastic-free.
  • It can keep things cool for up to 24 hours.
  • You can keep things hot inside this bottle for up to 12 hours.
  • The bottle is portable.
  • It is a bit pricey.


5. APEC Water Systems Intense Stainless Steel Ultra-Violet Sterilizer Water Filtration Kit UG-UVSET-1-4-SS

check price amazonIf you are looking for a high-quality best UV water purifier, the APEC filter system is the one. It uses intense UV sterilization for delivering microbes-free drinking water. All of the materials of this ultra-violet system are durable and long-lasting. The premium build quality is what defines this water filter. However, it is for use with a separate water filtration system. When the filtered water enters it, the UV lamp eliminates all living organisms. So, these health hazards that thrive in tap or municipal water have no chance to regrow.

It comes with a complete kit for installing with a water filter. There is a high-performance UV lamp that utilizes a quartz sleeve. Thus, the ultra-violet lamp performs safely and endures tap water. The stainless steel chamber protects itself and the UV lamp from water damages. You can install it within minutes. However, it requires a power source. It is because stainless steel is water-resistant. This UV filtration system comes with an inch of FPT inlet and outlet ports. Therefore, the water pressure and the flow rate remain constant. The company has over 20 years of experience in providing water filtration systems.


The system is easy to install because of the quick-connect 1/4-inch fittings. Also, disconnecting the tubing is easy. You can plug or unplug the tubing without any need for a wrench or tool. It can eliminate all living organisms at a 1 GPM rate. However, it will further clean the drinking water from bacteria and viruses. This filter is an add-on for all types of water filters. It will not remove sand, sediments, dust, particles, or other impurities.  So, if you already have a water filter, you can buy it for home or office use. It is only an add-on kit for sterilizing filtered water.

  • There are easy to install fittings.
  • It has all premium quality materials.
  • The UV chamber is of stainless steel.
  • It has a high-performance UV lamp.
  • There is a quartz sleeve to enhance ultra-violet light.
  • It requires a water filter.
  • The price is a bit expensive.


6. Viqua VH410 Home Stainless Steel UltraViolet Water Disinfection System – 34GPM 3/4 MNPT 120V

check price amazonThe Viqua VH410 is best for installing with a water filter for UV treatment of drinking water. This system is expensive, but it is because of its premium quality and features. Also, the company focuses on providing extra features to safeguard you from ultra-violet light. That is why it uses a stainless steel chamber with a safety cap. Plus, there is a lamp plug to turn off the UV lamp when you want to clean it. It eliminates all waterborne pathogens effectively. The taste and odor of the drinking water improve when it passes through this UV system.


The Viqua VH410 Home UV filtration system kills all parasites like Giardia and others that are chlorine-resistant. People who have concerns over the microbes that pass through water filters can use this UV system. So, they can be safe from various viruses and other harmful living organisms. The design of this ultra-violet filtration system is compact. However, it performs the same as the standard size ones. Therefore, you can install it in tight spaces. This system uses a Sterilume-HO lamp that promises reliability and water treatment. The UV lamp has a life of 9000 hours or one year.


Another feature of this costly system is that it comes with an indication controller. The controller shows you the power indicator and the remaining life of the UV lamp. There are not many UV systems that come with information displaying controllers. Thus, it is easy to know when the UV lamp needs replacement. Also, it will alert you before the UV lamp fails. Hence, it is a high-performance and handy system to add to an existing water filter. It has a high flow rate of 34 GPM for use for the whole house.

  • Easy to use controller offers a visual power indicator, lamp life remaining, lamp failure alert, and lamp replacement reminder.
  • It has all premium quality materials.
  • There is an easy-to-use controller with a visual power indicator.
  • The controller displays the remaining life of the UV lamp.
  • There are a safety cap and a lamp plug.
  • All of the replacement parts are compatible with various filters.
  • It is expensive.


7. Geekpure Whole House UV Water Filter

check price amazonThe Geekpure Whole House UV Water Filter promises no secondary pollution. All of the materials of this filter system are environment-friendly. These are BPA-free and plastic-free materials. It equips a stainless steel chamber like other quality UV systems. Also, it has electronic ballast that alarms visually about the life of a UV lamp. It consumes 55W power and works at a flow rate of 12 GPM. This UV purifier works 24 hours and has a lifespan of 9000 hours. After it reaches its end, you need to replace it. So, it will last almost one year.


Installing it is not that difficult. You have to connect it with the main water supply. Thus, it supplies sterilized water to all faucets and showers of the house. Therefore, you can wash dishes or laundry with pure water. It will help you to keep safe from viruses, bacteria, and microbes. There is going to be no change in the water taste or odor.

  • It connects with the main water supply line.
  • All of the materials are of premium quality.
  • It works at a 12 GPM flow rate.
  • This UV filter works 24 hours.
  • There will be no secondary water pollution.
  • The UV filters visually alarm about the UV lamp’s life.
  • The UV lamp requires replacement after 9000 hours of usage.



Buying Guide

When you plan to buy a UV system, it is always a good idea to know its features. Your budget will decide on what kind of system you can afford. Some already have water filters with UV systems and are looking for a portable UV solution. So, they can buy the LARQ UV filter bottle. These are a few tips you can use.


The UV systems come separately and with the RO or without RO filtration systems. Some have a controller or alarm feature that tells you about the remaining life of the UV lamp. Others work 24 hours and connect with the main water supply. Or they can connect with a water filter to kill microbes and other living organisms.


Some UV purifiers are for use with the main water supply. These provide sterile water to the whole house. So, these can be useful for use at home. Others connect with the water filters as the final stage UV treatment systems.


Most of the UV systems that have premium quality can be expensive. These systems eliminate 99.99% of living organisms using UV light. Also, these have stainless steel chambers that enhance the UV lamp. However, there are budget-friendly filter systems that have a UV treatment system.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most trusted UV water filter brand?

Brands like iSpring, Apec, Viqua, LARQ, Bluonics, and HQUA are popular.

Does the company provide any warranty for UV systems?

Yes, there is a warranty for the parts of the UV filter systems.

Do I have to take care of a UV purifier?

You have to replace the UV lamp when its life ends. Usually, the UV lamp lasts about 9000 hours or a year.

Where to buy it?

You can buy these UV filters from many online sources like Amazon and others.



Buying the best UV water purifier from many online sources like Amazon is easy. However, you need to know about the features and compatibility. Therefore, you can read our reviews and the buying guide.

These UV systems use a UV lamp that has a one-year life. So, you will need to replace it every year. You can also buy a portable UV filter like the LARQ bottle.

If you want to use it for the whole house, buy the one that connects with the main water supply line.

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