5 Best Water Filter for Removing Calcium 2022

If your water supply is “hard” (that is, it has too much calcium), you may need a special water filter. That would be a filter that is capable of removing the calcium from the water.

If you don’t remove the calcium from the water, it could lead to the formation of limescale. That would in turn shorten the life of various appliances that come into contact with the water. It could also clog up the water supply system, and lead to inefficiencies there.

Further, if you use water that has too much calcium for cooking, it could end up affecting your food’s taste… It is on account of these factors that you need a calcium removal filter.

Most calcium removal filters work through ion exchange mechanisms. They contain negatively charged ions, typically resin or salt. It is these that draw the positively charged calcium ions from the water.

Best Water Filter for Removing Calcium

5 Best Water Filters for Removing Calcium Reviews

1. Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Softener/Whole Home Filter (Best for a large family)

With this particular filter, you get to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you get to remove all the various contaminants from your water. In that regard, it works pretty much like a standard water filter/purifier. Then secondly, you get to remove calcium/soften the water. In most cases, people have to buy water filters and water softeners separately. But this hybrid filter serves both purposes: removing contaminants and softening the water.

This filter is ideal for households of between one and five people.

The mechanism through which it removes “hardness” from water is the one known as ion exchange. This is to say that it has a chamber containing salt. It is this salt’s ions that replace the calcium and magnesium ions, thus softening the water. It comes with a 31,000-grain capacity, which is quite remarkable. In terms of the water softening results it delivers, you are looking at about 120 grains per gallon.


Worth mentioning is the fact that this system’s design allows for the most efficient use of salt. That is because it regenerates on the basis of how much/how frequently you use it. This makes it different from other systems that regenerate on the basis of time passage, regardless of usage patterns.

This is one of those filter systems that are capable of genuinely removing chlorine odor and taste from the water. That is on top of removing sediment and potentially disease-causing pathogens from the water.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about this system is the fact that it is a self-cleaning filter. You therefore won’t find yourself having to go shopping for replacement filter cartridges. With this filter, what you make is a once-in-a-lifetime investment.


  • Allows for efficient use of salt. This is because it regenerates on the basis of actual usage, rather than simply on the basis of time passage. Thus it only regenerates when necessary, preventing salt wastage. A given amount of salt may therefore end up lasting, in this filter, thrice as long. That is thrice as long as it would have lasted in another filter system.
  • Doesn’t require replacement filter cartridges. Thanks to the fact that this filter is capable of cleaning itself, it doesn’t require replacement cartridges. This is a big deal, especially when you consider how frequently other filter system users have to replace their cartridges. In the long run, it ends up saving you a very great deal of money.
  • Has good efficacy both at contaminant removal and water softening. On top of removing calcium (and preventing limescale problems), it also removes other common contaminants. Those include both organic and non-organic contaminants. Therefore when you buy this filter, you don’t have to purchase a water purifier separately.


  • Some may find this filter’s price to be slightly on the higher side. But then again, you have to consider the savings it gives you in the long run. Those are savings on money that you would otherwise have spent on replacement filter cartridges. Those are also savings on money that you would otherwise have spent on salt (given how efficiently it uses salt).
  • Its capacity is limited, and can only work perfectly in 1 to 5 person households. This limits its usage to mainly the domestic setting and perhaps small offices. Nonetheless for the domestic or small office setting, it is quite adequate.

2. Home Master CFRFGAC20-20BB Radial Flow Water Filter

If you prefer a water filter that removes calcium and doesn’t affect the flow rate, this is ideal for you. This filter’s radial flow design, together with its 1-inch center hole, ensures that it doesn’t affect water flow much. Thus, the max pressure drop you are looking at with this filter is less than 1 PSI. This filter has good efficacy and is capable of removing various odd tastes, odors, and chemicals from water. Calcium is one of those chemicals that it removes from the water.

Other chemicals it has good efficacy at removing are chlorine and iron. One special mention is the fact that it removes chlorine from the water to a very high degree. The vendor promises up to 95% efficacy at the removal of these contaminants, which is quite good.


The manufacturer of this filter is very clear on the conditions under which it can operate well. Those include the PH range, water pressure range, and temperature range conditions. You can therefore tell, before buying it, whether it will work well under your local water conditions. Most other filters vendors are not very candid about these issues: often leading to unpleasant surprises.

But with this filter, you know that it works best under 40 degrees to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) temperature conditions. You also know that it works best under 20 to 100 PSI pressure conditions and 4 to 10 PH/acidity conditions. You also know, right from the outset, that this filter only works for water with less than 2000 ppm TDS.

The mechanism via which this filter operates is that of an activated coconut shell. It has a filtration accuracy of up to 20 microns. The filter comes with one replacement cartridge in the package.


  • Doesn’t lead to a great pressure drop. A problem that most calcium removal water filters tend to have is that of causing pressure drops. That in turn affects the water flow rate. But with this filter, that challenge is really not there. With this filter, you will experience less than 1 PSI drop in water pressure.
  • Has a long lifecycle. You can expect this filter to give you 1000,000 gallons of water or 1-year service, before requiring cartridge replacement. This is remarkable, given the fact that most other filters tend to have much shorter lifecycles. It helps too that this filter comes with one replacement cartridge in the package. Thus, it could be a couple of years before you actually have to start shopping for another.
  • Removes up to 95% of contaminants. This is a decent performance, by all standards. And the good thing with this filter is that it is not limited to removing only solids from the water. It also removes odors and odd tastes.


  • It May not work well with microbially unsafe water. What this means is that this filter is mostly only ideal for pre-treated water. It is certainly not one of those filters that can turn un-potable water into potable water. But for normal pre-treated municipal water supplies, it does work well.
  • Installation may be time-consuming. You probably need to set aside like one hour for the installation of this filter. And its installation does require some level of expertise.

3. ISpring ED2000 Whole House Water Descaler System

This is a unique system in the sense that it doesn’t rely on an ion-exchange mechanism. Instead, it uses an electromagnetic mechanism to draw the calcium from the water. That ultimately leads to two benefits. The first benefit is that of preventing scale from building up. And the second benefit is that of forcing existing scale in the water to break down. Thanks to its working mechanism, you can be sure that this system won’t require salt replacements. That is a big deal, especially considering the frequency with which other systems require salt replacements. This system is also ideal for people on sodium-restricted diets who want to soften water without using salts. Also worth noting is the fact that installation of this system doesn’t require major plumbing works.


  • Works even for very hard water. Even if your water hardness is in the 10-19 grains per gallon range, this system will still work for you. This is remarkable, given the limits (for water hardness) that other descaling systems tend to come with.
  • Installation is easy. There are no plumbing modifications necessary in the process of installing this system. You can therefore be through with the installation process within a matter of minutes.
  • Doesn’t require salt replacements. This saves you a lot of money in the long run. It also means that people on sodium-restricted diets can safely use it.


  • It doesn’t remove other contaminants from water. This is purely a descaling system. If there are other things (besides calcium) that you want to remove, you have to invest in additional solutions.
  • Some may find the price quite high. But then again, you have to remember that having bought it, you won’t need to keep on buying salt.

4. 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Scale Inhibition Inline Water System

If you prefer a calcium removal system that guarantees high flow rates and corrosion resistance, this is ideal for you. With this particular system, you get up to 10 gallons per minute of water flow rate. And thanks to the fact that it has a 304 stainless steel head, it offers great corrosion resistance. The fact that it has ¾ inch NFT connections makes its installation easy. The mechanism through which it works is that of binding the calcium and magnesium through polyphosphates.


  • The cost is reasonable. This is one of the most affordable calcium removal solutions. It also helps that it doesn’t require salt replacements, as it works through polyphosphate binding.
  • Corrosion resistance. The fact that it isn’t prone to corrosion means that it can give you long service, even under challenging conditions.
  • Negligible pressure loss. This comes about as a result of the system’s flow-through design. It translates into a great water flow rate.


  • Installation requires some expertise. This is because some plumbing works are necessary for its installation. Besides requiring expertise, these can also be slightly time-consuming.
  • It is not easily compatible with certain plumbing systems. This is on account of its ¾ inch NFT connections. But then again, with the right plumbing modifications, it can be made to work with most plumbing systems.

5. Orbit 10109W Mist Calcium Inhibitor Filter

Orbit 10109W Mist Calcium Inhibitor Filter

This is designed for use in mist cooling systems. One problem that the said mist cooling systems tend to experience is that of nozzle clogging. The nozzle clogging comes about as a result of scale formation. This filter solves that problem. It works through a couple of mechanisms. The first mechanism is that of simply filtering out the calcium. And the second is that of binding the calcium through polyphosphates. The end result is complete resolution of the mist cooling system nozzle clogging problem.


  • High filtration accuracy. This particular filter removes particles that are as small as 5 microns. That is a remarkable performance, by all standards.
  • The cost is quite low. The price at which this filter is sold is within most people’s reach. And unlike other calcium removal solutions, this one doesn’t require salt replacements.
  • Easy installation. This is the sort of filter that you can install in a matter of minutes. Its installation doesn’t require much expertise, neither is it time-consuming.


  • Works best in conjunction with auto drain valve. Procuring the auto drain valve may end up pushing the cost up a bit.
  • Requires annual filter replacement. It only gives good results with annual filter replacements. You, therefore, have to create a schedule for regular (annual) filter replacements.

Buyer’s guide

Finding the best filter for removing Calcium is not an easy task so make sure you took all the following features into consideration.

Filtration quality: you need to make sure that the filter you choose is able to filtrate the following: heavy metals, sediments, microorganisms, excessive ions, and organic matter.

Filtration capacity: it may vary in accordance with your demands but how much water it is able to filter is the most important factor. RO-based counter filters are the best option for the kitchen.

Durability: it’s one of the most important factors for faucet water filter systems as faucets might be prone to breakage.

Space requirements: You can’t ignore this aspect because the filter needs space that matches the one mentioned in the specification.


Does calcium dissolve in water?

Yes, calcium in certain forms does dissolve in water.

What removes calcium from water?

There are water softeners as well as calcium removal filters that you can use to rid water of calcium. Inside most of these are ions with a negative charge. It is those that draw calcium from the water (given the fact that the calcium ions have a positive charge). So they are attracted to the negatively charged ions. In other systems, calcium is drawn out either through electromagnetic forces or through polyphosphate binding.

How much calcium in water is too much?

Water that has more than 180 mg/l of calcium (as calcium carbonate) is considered to be “very hard”. Actually, for water to qualify for the term “soft water”, it needs to have less than 60 mg/liter of calcium.


If your water supply has too much calcium, you are almost certainly bound to experience limescale-related problems. Those include shorter life for your appliances and clogging of your pipe systems.

That is on top of the bad appearance in utensils that limescale causes an unpleasant water taste. But you can avoid those problems by using water filters that have calcium removal capabilities.

The 5 filters we have looked at in this article are among the best for calcium removal.

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  1. Highly recommend #1, since using it our water has changed and the taste has improved, the water is much better and clearer. This makes all the water in the house taste like it just came out of a bottle.

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