5 Best Water Softener Resin Cleaner

The water softeners require cleaning after prolong use because some of the impurities can remain inside them. Thus, the best water softener resin cleaner can help you swipe clean it. However, buying any can be overwhelming because of so many choices. There are hundreds of resin cleaners for all purposes. Therefore, we have the five best recommendations for you. Soft water is vital for cleaning dishes and cooking use. Also, the whole family can drink fresh and soft drinking water. So, you can read our review with the features and capabilities of these resin cleaners.

Best Water Softener Resin

Why use a water softener resin cleaner?

Cleaning and maintaining the water softener is vital because you and your family should drink and use clean water. Children and infants are prone to water-borne diseases.

Also, after months of cleaning and filtering tap water, the water softeners may host impurities and bacteria. The best way to eliminate and add a new life to them is to use a resin cleaner.

That is why you must clean the water filters as soon as they have dirt deposits.

Therefore, there will be no harmful substances or rust deposits. Not every tap water filter uses stainless steel. So, there can be rust.


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Another benefit of cleaning water filters with resin cleaners is that they add a new life to them. Over time, these water softeners can collect dust or dirt deposits that can damage its materials.

Not to mention, the drinking water becomes full of water pollutants.

Maintenance becomes easy when you use a resin cleaner. Most of these are compatible with famous brands like Whirlpool, EcoPure, Omni, and others.

That is why you can use these safely to clean all types of water filters. So, you can use these regularly to keep the softeners clean and tidy.


Keeping yourself safe from stomach diseases and other harmful organisms is necessary. The best way to keep your family and yourself safe from water-borne illnesses is to use clean water softeners.

These have no replaceable filter cartridges. So, these clean impurities from water using an electric system.

However, with time these can become full of waste deposits from tap water.

Therefore, you can use our top recommendations for resin cleaners. These can help keep the water softeners free from impurities. We also have some of the most frequently asked questions for your guidance.


5 Best Water Softener Resin Cleaner

1. Pro Products Softener Mate SM65N

Best Water Softener Resin

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The Mate SM65N by Pro Products comes with the suggestion of Amazon. It is because of the popularity and many positive reviews. You can use it to clean and maintain a water softener.

This resin cleaner uses a unique formula for removing iron, manganese, silt, and other impurities. Also, it is a popular and trusted brand. Removing metal particles and organic compounds can be a hassle.

However, this resin cleaner removes them with comfort. Using it regularly can help the water softener to retain its original clean form. It comes with the certification of ISO 9001:2001.


Features and Capability

The Softener Mate SM65N uses the best blend of chemicals that remove dirt, silt, rust, metal, and organic compounds. This resin cleaner is easy to use.

You have to dissolve a cup of this resin cleaner with warm water about 2qts. Also, you can use 1/4 cup for every 40lbs of salt that you add to the storage tank. That is how it can clean the softener with every regeneration. The Pro Products brand has been providing resin cleaners for many years. Thus, it is a reliable manufacturer of these liquid cleaners.

It comes in a 1.9kg bottle, and the price is budget-friendly. You can use it to use the regeneration of the softener. All professionals chemists use the best chemicals for making the Mate SM65N resin cleaner. When you pour the solution of this cleaner into the brine well and regenerate the softener, it cleans. So, it is easy to use. However, you must keep it away from infants and children. All chemicals are harmful to toddlers.

  • It cleans silt, iron, organic compounds, and other impurities.
  • You can use it with salt.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • You must keep it away from infants.
  • There can be a need to use it more time.



2. ResCare RK02B

Best Water Softener Resin Cleaner
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Pro Products have a variety of water softener cleaners. This brand has been around for many years. Thus, the ResCare RK02B uses a special formula for removing all water contaminants. Most of the salts cannot remove impurities that can collect inside the softener. Therefore, this liquid cleanser helps you restore the softeners. Also, it will eliminate all organic deposits and clean the beads. It works efficiently and can even clean the valves of the softener. You can use it regularly because it comes in a gallon. Plus, there are two bottles in one pack.


Features and Capability

It uses chemicals that remove metal particles and deposits that the salts alone cannot. Maintaining the life of the softener is vital. That is why all of the chemicals will not harm or damage the softener. It adds a new life to the beads and the control valves of the water softener. Also, it comes with the suggestion of Amazon. It is because of the many positive reviews and a better rating. Plus, you can use it with an Easy Feeder for not letting any deposit formations.

Using it manually or with the easy feeder is easy and takes only a few minutes. Use a half cup of the resin cleaner and pour it into the brine well. If there is no brine well, you can use it with salt. So, whenever you regenerate the softener, it will keep it clean. Removing all impurities and organic compounds is easy for this liquid cleaner. Each bottle contains almost a gallon of liquid. Therefore, the price is budget-friendly. It will remove all fouled resin and restore the softener to its total capacity.

  • It comes with the recommendation of Amazon.
  • The formula uses chemicals that clean the fouled resin.
  • It will restore the capacity of the softener.
  • You can use it with salt and brine well.
  • This liquid cleaner removes deposits that the salt cannot.
  • There are two bottles of a gallon each.
  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • You will have to use it more times for stubborn impurities.
  • There is no measuring cup.



3. EcoPure EPCL Water Softener Resin

Best Water Softener Resin Cleaner review
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The EcoPure EPCL is one of the liquid cleaners for the water softeners that have a 5-year warranty. That is why it promises to maintain the performance of the softener with regular use. However, it comes in a small bottle of 475ml capacity. It is why it will cost a little, but the performance is strong. There is positive feedback about this product with better ratings. Therefore, it is third on our list for resin cleaners. So, you can use it every four months for the best results. This liquid cleaner performs on all water softener brands.


Features and Capability

There are robust chemicals and a mix of the best formula to eliminate rust and other waste deposits. Every famous brand is compatible with this liquid cleaner. When you use it every four months, the life of the softener increases. It removes dirt, sediment, and rust from the fouled resin or the brine well efficiently. This liquid cleaner is usable with salts and the brine well of the softener. Cleaning the control valves and the beads can be a difficult task. However, it can clean both with regular use.

The EcoPure EPCL removes all harmful substances from the resin bed for optimal results. Cleaning the water softeners with reliable liquid cleaners restores them. With every regeneration process, the softener gets metal particles that the salts cannot remove alone. So, you can add this liquid into the salts. Therefore, the regeneration process cleans all of the dirt and organic compounds. Also, removing iron and sediments can be a problem if the liquid has a less potent formula. However, the EPCL uses fast-acting chemicals that work better.

  • It removes harmful deposits from resin beds.
  • The liquid cleaner also cleans the valves of the softeners.
  • You can use it with all types of water softeners.
  • This liquid eliminates rust, dirt, sediments, and organic compounds.
  • Regular use extends the life of the softener system.
  • It comes in a 475ml bottle.
  • You can use it more times to clean efficiently.
  • There is no measuring cup.



4. Pro Products RO65N Best Water Softener Resin

Pro Products RO65N Rust Out Water Softener Cleaner
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The Rust Out Water formula removes all mineral and rust deposits from the softeners. Thus, it will eliminate all harmful substances that can collect inside the valves and the brine well. Also, it will reduce stains and foul smells. Another benefit of using this formula for cleaning the softener is that it is tough on iron. Any resin cleaner that removes iron has chemicals that work efficiently. So, the water softener will perform better and increase its potential.


Features and Capability

There are not many liquid cleaners that come with positive reviews. However, the Rust Out Water resin cleaner has a good rating. Most of the consumers commend it and inform about the satisfactory results. It comes in a 624g bottle. Also, the price is inexpensive. You will require a measuring cup to use the right amount for mixing with warm water. Thus, you can use half a cup of this formula with warm water. Pour it directly into the brine well and regenerate for best results. You can also use it with salt for maintaining cleanliness.

Pro Products that manufacture this resin cleaner have been around for years. They have experts that combine the best chemicals for getting rid of rust and odor. Therefore, it is a reliable brand that offers great products. That is why the Rust Out cleaner removes all sediments and organic substances from the valves and the resin. It can get rid of stubborn rust stains effectively to restore the softener system. So, it will perform to its full potential.

  • It can clean heavy iron deposits.
  • You can use it with salt and brine well.
  • This resin cleaner maintains the life and performance of softeners.
  • You can use it to remove rust anywhere around the house.
  • It comes in a 624g bottle.
  • There is no measuring cup.



5. Ban-T Alkaline

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The Ban-T Alkaline formula is the best solution to clean limescale and hard water deposits. Almost every other liquid cleaner promises to clean the iron from the water softeners. However, this liquid cleaner uses chemicals that eliminate iron staining efficiently. Also, it restores the water softener systems and cleans all of its parts. It is last on our top five list, but it excels in its performance.


Features and Capability

It regenerates the fouled resin and removes iron and tannins from the water softeners. When you use it regularly, the life of the softener system extends. Also, you can use this liquid for removing stains from bathtubs, sinks, and other fixtures. It also can remove stains from the dishes and ceramic tiles. Using the Ban-T Alkaline formula is easy and there are instructions on the label.

  • It removes stains effectively.
  • The formula uses chemicals that can clean household fixtures.
  • It extends the life of the softeners.
  • You can use it with comfort.
  • This chemical formula is safe to use for water softener tanks.
  • It is a bit pricey.
  • There is no measuring cup with the package.



The 5 best water softener resin cleaner solutions can help you maintain the water softener. These have chemicals that remove iron and harmful deposits. All of the liquid cleaners perform efficiently. Also, some of these come with the recommendation of Amazon. Almost all have positive feedbacks and better ratings. Therefore, you can use them with salt or pour them directly into the brine well. Thus, you can add a new life to your existing water softener.

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