DIY Window Trim – The Fastest Way

DIY Window Trim

What’s a living space with a glamorous chandelier without some pretty window trim to go with? It’s almost like living in a house without a roof. A window trim adds color, and more beauty to your room or living space. Windows like ceilings and walls, also need to be addressed at some point. And what you need to do about those boring window, is to make a window trim!

diy window trim ideas

One of the most interesting parts of this DIY project, is the architectural interest. A DIY window trim is super easy and it doesn’t require any fancy miter cuts. You do not need to be a carpenter before you can get this done. With this DIY method, you will certainly be able to finish up your window trim before your family vacations, summer and even reunions.

To do your own DIY window trim, these supplies are needed.


  • (4) 1x4s @ 8ft and (1) 1×4 @ 6ft
  • Spackle
  • Primer
  • (4) 1x2s @ 8ft and (1) 1×2 @ 6ft
  • (1) 1×6 @ 8ft (for window stills)
  • Paintable Caulk
  • Paint
  • (1) 1×3 @ 8ft (for bottom of window trim)
  • (1) stop window molding. @ 8ft (for bottom of window trim)
  • 2″ brad nails.




  1. Remove the old window still and trim by scoring the caulk line edges with a utility knife or a tool closest to a utility knife. Then pry it up and then off with a prybar and with a hammer.

Now to create a new window still, you will make use of your measured boards. Use the  1×6 board for your window, it should be past your window wall frame. Then measure your current new window still depth to ensure that the 1×6 board fits well.Then cut the width of your window opening and add 10 ½ because you need 5 ¼ overhang on each side. Using a miter saw, cut your 1by6 board to size for your new window still. If your window opening measures 31, then cut your 1×6 board to 41 ½ long.

  1. To create the L- shape cut out for your window still, mark out 5 ¼ in from each side of the board. Then measure the depth of the old window still, cut and mark that measurement perpendicular to the first mark to create the L shape cut out marks. Make sure you measure the depth on each side of the old window still as it may vary, from side to side. You can use a jig saw to cut out the L-shape out of the wood to create the two window still edges.
  2. Now, install the new window still in place and ensure it fits
  3. If there is a little bit of gap between the wood and the wall, don’t fret because he little bit of gap, can be caulked. Meanwhile, secure the window still with 2 inch brad nails and a brad nailer.
  4. Add the 1x4window trim to the window sides and the top. Measure the length of the window frame on both sides, then cut the 1x4to size for the side pieces. Install them on both sides of the window with brad nails. Then measure the distance from the end of the left side to the end of the right side, then cut another 1×4 piece and fix it on the top secured in place by a brad nail.
  5. Add the1×2 trim on the window sides and top. To do this, repeat the steps above. Meanwhile, while installing the 1×2 next to the 1x4s, turn the 1×2pieces on their sides and secure the brad nails through them into the1x4s instead of the wall.
  6. Then add the base window trim pieces. Install your cut out, 1×3 under the window still then install the stop window molding piece on the top of it.
  7. Now is the time, to caulk, fill the holes and little spaces, prime and paint! Ensure that you caulk all the seams and gaps, fill the nail holes and wood knot holes with a lightweight spackle then allow to dry. Then sand those filling to ensure they are really smooth. Make sure you prime the wood, add a second coat of primer over the wood knots then you can also add about 2 or 3 coats of paint and your window trim is all set!

*NOTE: Meanwhile, the amount of wood you need for your window trim depends on the measurements of your window.

A DIY window trim Ideas

However, to maintain a window trim, you will have to; dust your window frame with a little grease to keep it in good shape. Always dust your window frame, especially the top of the window stills. Then clean trim with soapy water and allow it air dry. For the sake of mildew, simply spray a mixture of vinegar and then, water the mold directly and wipe it until you can see the wood then let it dry. After which, you clean it with soapy water. If your window trim have water spots, simply clean them with distilled water or rub with alcohol and wipe down. If you have a window trim in a damp room, always use a dehumidifier open the windows to let in air.

In conclusion, you will understand that this window trim will be different from your usual boring once. Plus it would interest you to show off your DIY piece! Window trims are made to cover gaps and also add a decorative tint. The window trim varies according to home styles from the craftsman, Victorian architectural styles to the simples, picture-frame ones. As a result of their simple, and straightforward design, it can be used in a ranch home. If you also enjoy carpentry and have the right tools, installing a window trim can be a rewarding and satisfying job.

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