Does Butcher Block Oil Expire?

You might have some butcher block from a long time ago and wonder if it will expire. I’ve used butcher blocks for several years for my wood projects, and here is what I know.

Does butcher block oil expire? Butcher block oil does not expire as it is made from food-grade minerals and is non-perishableUnlike other oils, it will not rot or go rancid and will last long.

Butcher block oil is used on butcher block countertops and projects. It is a good oil to use to finish the wood and prevent it from drying.

People will usually buy butcher blocks and may want to use them in the future. In most cases, a bottle of butcher block oil can last a few years, so you probably want to know if it will expire.

Butcher block oil will last a long time

Butcher block oil is usually made up of mineral oils and beeswax. They are advertised for use with butcher blocks which can mean anything from a cutting board to a wood countertop.

The main reason to use butcher block oil is to prevent the wood from drying and warping and have it safe to use around food.

Mineral oils are generally food grade which means they can’t go rancid or rot. It’s intended to be used on countertops and allow you to have food on it. It wouldn’t make sense for the oil to rot and harm your food.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other types of oils that go bad. But butcher block oil will not expire, and it can be used for a very long time.

Even other types of oil should be safe as long as it is sealed inside the bottle and hasn’t been touched or used.

Can you use expired mineral oil?

Mineral oil does not rot or expire, so if you suspect something is going on with the mineral oil, it might be something else unrelated to its age.

If you are using a different kind of oil and think it’s expired, you shouldn’t use it. Usually, you can tell if the oil is expired based on its appearance or smell. But it really depends on the brand of oil you are using.

You should not use any expired oils around food. You do not want rancid oil near food as it can be harmful.

Butcher block oil that won’t expire

There are many butcher block oils out there, but the one I’ve used for the longest time is Howard’s.

Howard’s cutting board oil is a personal favorite of mine. It is made up of clear, odorless food-grade mineral oil and will be perfect for most wood projects for the kitchen. Howard also makes other projects, such as a wood conditioner, safe to use around food.

Watco also makes a great butcher block oil. I’ve used watco products in the past, so I know their butcher block oil is premium quality.

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