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Summer is all about outdoor activities. It’s mostly about the beach, sun, finding a cozy place to relax even with the sun up in the wooly skies. The summer season should be welcomed with lots of cheering and excitements because it is the time to have fun. And the fun can also be gotten indoors not just outdoors. You can easily transform a once boring living space to a relaxing, cozy and interesting setting. You’d often believe that a home makeover costs much. But the truth is, it doesn’t cost much. You just have to be creative and also use some wonderful decoration ideas for your home interior designs. However, it is necessary that you keep in mind, not to overdo the theme. Which is very essential, to know and look into what you want to use for your home.

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With this 6 DIY makeover and summer house ideas, you can easily transform your living room to look less formal and more like an optimal place for family entertainment or cozy friendly relaxation. You should try these awesome décor ideas.They are:

Colorful tissue paper flowers:

home decor on summer

You should get colorful summer designed/theme tissue paper flowers. They are a great addition for a cozy room setting. These colorful paper flowers are not expensive and they are quite easy to make. All you need to get this design done are just, the colorful tissues, stapler, and scissors. With just few steps you can create flowers with these colorful tissues. Once these colorful tissue flowers are made, you can incorporate them as a perfect choice for your flower vases, centerpieces, garlands and doorway swags. You can also use ribbons, glitters and even paper leaves. Anything that would give your tissue flowers another looks. Now you can add this great design to your living space.

Beach Theme Décor:

home decor on summerhome decor on summer
If you are a beach themed lover, you can always bring the fun and joyous vibe into your home. This is done by choosing these perfect beach theme. You can choose to have some pastel, and some neutral shades to create a perfect summer look in your living space or bedroom. You can have some white accent chairs or better still, you paint the chairs in your room, white and have some turquoise pillows, a rustic lantern and some beach inspired wall decors like; fishing nets, shells or even ropes. Dare to be creative with your beach summer décor. You can visit a beach to be sure of what decors you can imitate.

Photo Garlands and Mantels:

Photo Garlands and Mantels

Photo garlands are also a great way to redecorate your home this summer. You can bring your summer memories to your home by creating a photo garland. Pick some of your old summer photos, your family and loved ones’ pictures near the beach or in flower gardens. You can hand some shells or anything natural to make this garland attractive and not plain. Then you can hand this beautiful garland in your room or living space. You can create a backdrop of faux wood fences to hand your garlands.

Colorful floral arrangements:

Colorful floral arrangements

If you are looking towards brightening your living space, then you could make do of some colorful floral arrangements. You can never feel bored when it comes to floral decorations. Summer is all about lush greens, colorful flowers, blooming trees etc. so you can get some colorful bunch of fresh flowers in a glass vase or preferably a neutral colored, summer themed vase. And you can create some floral arrangement with bright shades of flowers and place it near a wall or side table in your living room. You can also apply your summer house ideas to your living space. You can transform your dining area, breakfast area, or living space to look summer-ish and stylish with some flower centre piece. Some neutral colored curtains to match the theme is also  great idea.

Bright summer décor:

home decor on summer
For those who love the idea of having a bright and bold room then you can always apply this décor. You can make your home look bold with some bright hues and a yellow backdrop. This yellow backdrop should also have some nautical summer room décor; it should have white furniture with some lush plants that will aid to brighten your home this summer. To create this theme, choose a wall in your bedroom or in the hallway. Select any color of your choice; a bold pink or bright yellow will make a perfect summer backdrop. For instance, if you are choosing a gold backdrop, you can use a white furniture to add to this theme. Then add some mirrors, lamps and a few decorations. But don’t overcrowd those areas with too bright summer decorations or matching flowers. It may end up ruining the theme.

Tissue Paper Lantern summer theme:

Tissue Paper Lantern summer theme

Have you seen or heard of those? Although this is a Japanese style but they are great additions to your summer themed living space. Besides, working on this DIY project can be fun for both you and your family. You can get some of those white paper lanterns to help you on this project. You can choose colors ranging from orange, pink or even yellow tissue papers for your summer lanterns. These colorful summer design lanterns can be used indoors and outdoors. It can also be used for a summer themed party. They indeed make a perfect summer home décor. Place these anywhere you want and you will get some compliments.

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