How Do UV Water Filters Work?

How Does Uv Water Treatment Work

Do you have the option of choosing one type of water filter out of many? Are you considering the UV water filter, and do you want to know how it works to help you make a good purchasing decision? Stick through as I talk about necessary details on this water filter.

Water filtration is very important, almost a necessity for every home. The water running in your house only reaches the benchmark quality, not the maximal quality.

So, you’d have to take care and ensure that you consume quality water. One of the ways to do that is simply through water filters.

How does UV Water Filter work

As the words sound, water filters filter water to produce water at drinkable quality. There are different kinds of water filters with water filtration systems and mechanisms.

Before I dive into talking about how UV water filters work, I will be telling you why you need a UV water filter.

Why Should You Use a UV Water Filter?

Of course, different water filter has unique advantages that come with using them. Choosing them has to be the choice of the buyer. Here are reasons you should consider using a UV water filter in your home.

1. Water is not wasted

Many other kinds of water filters lose a lot of water while filtering the water. UV water filters do a better job of not losing much water while trying to get the water filtered. If the quantity of water you use matters, you should consider this.

2. Very effective

You probably have heard of water filters that do not do a perfect job getting rid of contaminants because they were not built to remove so much. UV water filters’ mechanism in getting water filtered is advanced and very effective. It is even claimed that it is more effective than boiling water.

It is an ancient truth that boiling water helps get rid of contaminants. Still, a water filter is more effective than boiling water. Do you need quality drinkable water? Consider UV water filter.

3. It can work all-round.

The water filter can work all around the clock, and you don’t have to worry about it getting worn out easily. You can be at peace using your water filter throughout the day and night.

4. Easy to maintain

The UV water filter is very easy to maintain. It is one of the top water filters so easy to maintain. The maintenance won’t cost you so much.

The major thing that needs to be maintained in the UV water filter is the lamp and the sleeve. The replacement can be done at a very comfortable frequency, and the recommended frequency is yearly.

Doesn’t that also make the maintenance cheap? Yes,  it does. The money you will need to spend on maintaining it every year is little.

Also, you won’t have to worry about changing dirty water filters. The water filter uses a light bulb. I  will explain this later in the blog post.

5. Labour-free, less supervision, and user-friendly

You don’t have to do so much to operate the water filter. It is very easy to use, with no stress. The UV water filter can be used without any supervision. It doesn’t need that.

6. No chemical use for purification

The filtration and purification process that water goes through in the UV water filter system doesn’t involve chemicals. So, you can be assured that you are not at risk of consuming chemicals.

Later, I will explain the mechanism of purification and filtration in detail. This will help you understand how it works without using chemicals.

7. Low electrical energy use

The UV water filter does not use much electrical energy. You don’t have to be worried or think that your electricity bill will skyrocket because you want to get a UV water filter. N, the water filter doesn’t consume much energy.

How Does UV Water Filter Work?

Perhaps you have noticed that I have been mentioning the light bulb, and you are wondering how that comes in place here in a UV water filter. Pay attention.

Instead of the regular water filter that most filtration systems use, the UV water filter system makes use of a light bulb.

This light bulb produces UV rays that eliminate the microorganisms in your water and disrupt their DNA.

Disrupting their DNA means that they won’t be able to reproduce again.

So, they have been rendered harmless, making your water free of microorganisms.

The mercury light bulbs are placed so that it doesn’t come in contact with the water that is being filtered and purified.

The UV rays do not change the chemical nature or the taste of the water.

Do UV Water Filters Work?

Yes, they do! UV water filter is one of the most effective water filters. The fact that it uses UV rays makes it safer. There is no risk of chemicals since there is no chemical use. It is highly safe and very effective.

How Long Can it Last?

A UV water filter can last for many years. The only thing you have to worry about is the mercury light bulb. You should change it every year. The light bulb lasts averagely for about 9000 hours.

How to Maintain UV Water Filter?

It was earlier established that maintaining a UV water filter is cheap and not stressful. One of the ways you maintain the water filter is by changing the bulb.

The bulb doesn’t burn; it only solarizes. It would be best if you changed it as when due. The longer the bulb is being used, the more it solarizes. The more it solarizes, the more the production of UV rays is affected. This affects the productivity and effectiveness of getting rid of microorganisms.

Some UV water filters have an alarm system that informs you when to change the mercury light bulb.

Also, ensure that the quartz sleeve is cleaned from time to time. The quartz sleeve does the job of making sure that water does not come in contact with the light bulb.

Right now, I am sure and confident that you perfectly understand how a UV water filter works.

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