How Does A Berkey Water Filter Work

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How Does the Berkey Water Filter WorkIn most households, the water that is being used every day for drinking purposes is tap water. During old times, people used to drink water directly from the tap or well. But now the situation is different.

With increasing floods, contaminated water in dams and rivers, and spreading bacterial disease, it is risky to consume tap water.

At first, when there were no modern technologies, people would use simple water purification methods. And one of the most common methods is boiling the water.


Even today, people use these methods as it is an easy and quick process. But as we are heading towards the modern era, we don’t get much time to do such methods on a daily basis.

And this is when water filtration methods came into the picture. Nowadays many households are turning to water filters.

Water filters are electronic devices that work automatically with one click.

They purify water by removing dirt, bacteria, and viruses. It is the perfect solution to prevent the intake of contaminated water.

Also, boiling water takes too much time resulting in too much use of the gas. So, it is always better to adopt a water filter that will make this process much simpler and faster.


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But there are so many water filters available in the market and every day new technology comes up.

There are so many videos, blogs, and articles that show what to choose and how to choose a perfect water filter.

Many times, it also depends on your household system. So, what would be a good option? The answer you will find here is Berkey Water Filter.

But before knowing why it is the first choice of many customers and how this filter works, let’s first know a bit about our normal tap water.

And how exactly it affects our health if we drink it without any filtration.

How Does A Berkey Water Filter Work

Disadvantages of Drinking Water Without a Water Filter

Tap water that we use for our daily intake is not completely contaminated water. In fact, it has fluoride and chlorine added to it which can prevent bacteria and viruses from growing.

However, if you are using large amounts of water daily then it can be risky as too much fluoride and chlorine is not good for those who have thyroid problems.


It is also not good for our stomach or gut as it can disturb the needed bacteria that are already present in our gut. It can also mess up with our pineal gland which presents inside the brain.

Not only these but chemicals like Fluosilicic acid, Aluminum sulfate, Liquified chlorine, Calcium hydroxide, and Sodium silicofluoride are some of the chemicals that are present simply in your day to day tap water.

Even if they are added to our water for cleaning purposes, we can not overlook the fact that they are still chemicals!!


You might also notice the changes in the color of the tap water. Many times, this happens because of the pipes that carry water into our home.

If these pipes, by any chance, are rusted, because of the dissolved iron inside of them, they start to have different colors. Although this happens in rare cases.

Another discomfort you might face by drinking water without filtration is its smell, taste, and color. Once you convert the tap water into filtered one, you can instantly notice this change.

Another disadvantage with untreated or unfiltered water is the presence of copper and calcium.

These elements are dangerous to your health. With that, many microorganisms that need to be filtered out can enter your body if you skip the filtration process or don’t adopt any filter system.


What is the Berkey Water Filter?

Now, after knowing the disadvantages of non-filtered water let’s know about filters that will help you to filter it.

Nowadays, one of the most recommended water filtration systems is Berkey Water Filter. The Berkey water filter is a stainless-steel portable water purification system.

It is mainly popular for its 200+ contaminants removal ability and is perfectly designed for your kitchen counter.

Any tap water contents like bacteria, viruses, or even Pharmaceutical Drug Contaminants, Berkey water filter can efficiently remove all of them.


Another thing it is popular for is its cost. Other water filters will cost you way too high just to have a replacement within a few months.

Whereas, you can purify around 6,000 gallons of water with two Berkey filters too before replacement.

If you are a small family with only four members, this water filter is the most affordable option for you.

You can use it for daily drinking water for straight four years without any replacement.

Where other filters need some kind of setup with your tap, this filter requires no additional process for filtration. It does not even need any electricity. You only need to pour water from the above and your clean drinking water is ready!


Different Berkey water filters hold different properties:

How Does travel Berkey Water Filter Work

1. Travel Berkey Water Filter

    1. No. of filters: 2
    2. Price: $xxx
    3. Capacity: 1.50 gallons of water.

2. Big Berkey Water Filter

    1. No. of filters: 2
    2. Price: $xxx
    3. Capacity: 2.25 gallons of water.

How Does imperial Berkey Water Filter Work

3. Imperial Berkey Water Filter

    1. No. of filters: 2
    2. Price: $xxxx
    3. Capacity: 4.5 gallons of water.

4. Royal Berkey Water Filter

    1. No. of filters: 2
    2. Price: $xxx
    3. Capacity: 3.25 gallons of water.

5. Crown Berkey Water Filter

    1. No. of filters: 2
    2. Price: $xxxx
    3. Capacity: 6 gallons of water.

6. Berkey Light Water Filter

  1. No of filters: 2
  2. Price: $xx
  3. Capacity: 2.75 gallons of water.


With this Berkey also offers different kits and stand bundle sales. All these models are engineered with proper instructions and guidelines.

With their wide range of sizes and prices, one thing is surely there with all of their models is the quality of purified water.

Whichever model you choose, all Berkey products manage to supply sufficient amounts of water. And it is one of the affordable water filter systems.


How Does The Berkey Water Filter Work?

The Berkey water filtration system offers two types of filters: The black filters & the fluoride filters. All Berkey water filters come with two black filters.

Whether you want a water filter for 2 gallons or 6 gallons, Berkey Water Filter offers a wide range of sizes.

If you adopt the Royal Berkey filter system you will get the model of 9.5 inches width and height of 24 inches. It offers the perfect filtration from 1.5 gallons to 3.25 gallons of water.

Berkey water filters are made with such technology that they can filter even the smallest of water contaminants. The filtration elements it is made with have the unique combination of micro-pores which prevents harmful bacteria from passing.

If you think bacteria and germs are the only contaminants you will get rid of then this water filter will surely surprise you with its abilities. With its ion-exchange properties, the Berkey filtration method also prevents viruses from passing through your drinking water.

It is also famously known for its 99.9999999% pathogenic bacteria removal quality.

The Berkey water filter also seems more beneficial than other water filters like Cergrav, GSS-2, Pro big, etc.

With its model Big Berkey, you can use 3,000 gallons of water which will be enough for 16 people. With its no-limit replacement quality and low price per element, it also offers a better, clean taste.

The water filter comes to your home after passing various tests like turbidity flow rate and NSF standards. In case of any doubt, you can also check the test results.

If you are not sure about the filter setup or even if you never had any experience in fitting the water filter system, the Berkey water filter comes with a user manual. It has all the necessary instructions and basic information like how to take care of the unit, how to test the performance of the filters, and how to change the elements.



Health specialists suggest that having a home purification system is always a beneficial decision for you and your family.

They are a great option to remove the substances from the drinking water that you are not even aware of.

Not only homes but hospitals, restaurant owners also adopt water purification systems.

That is why, with increasing viruses and disturbing environmental changes, it is always advisable to adopt at least one water filter inside the house.


Drinking contaminated water may not show you the effects on a daily basis. But looking at the long-term consumption, it surely does affect your health.

Having a basic water filter will not only protect you from deadly bacteria that can cause several illnesses but also give you other benefits like better taste and odor.

You can find resources recommending various products and models.

In the end, choosing a water purifier depends completely on your household and how many people are going to use it.

If you want the healthiest, cleanest, odor-free, and better-tasting drinking water does give Berkey Water Filter a try!

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