How Does Pur Water Filter Light Work?

If you have a Pur water filter you probably know about the blinking lights.  Like many people I was confused when I got my filter and didn’t know what the lights meant. So I did some research and here’s what I found out. 

The Pur water filter light tells you the condition of the filter. The light will blink green to indicate the filter is working. The light will blink yellow to indicate it needs to be changed soon. The light will blink red to indicate the filter is no longer working. 

These lights are pretty easy to understand and can go along way to make sure you have a working filter. You should always check the lights to see if the filter is in good condition. If the lights aren’t working properly or stop working all together you should call the manufactured immediately. 

I highly recommend buy these water filters when you need to replace them. I’ve never had an issue with these and they work really well.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Pur filter water lights and how they work.

What do Pur filter lights mean?

You might be confused about the lights on a pur water filter. Here’s what they mean.

Filter colorWhat the color means
GreenThe filter is in good working condition
Yellow The filter needs to be changed soon
Red The filter is not in proper working condition and must be replaced
What the pur water filter lights mean

There are three different light colors on the pur water filters. They are used to show the where the water filter is in terms of quality.

I like to think of these water filters like highway traffic lights. These colors are universal which is helpful and won’t confuse the average filter user.

Let’s take a deeper look at filter color lights.


When you are on a highway and see the traffic light green, you know you can keep driving. The green light on the filter indicates that the water filter is still in good working condition.

If you see the green LED light when you start using your water filter, don’t panic. It only means that you can keep using the water filter.

Also, after replacing the water filter, you might observe that the green light is blinking. You don’t need to be worried. It only means that it is ready for work, serving you quality water.

When you clean the filtration system, the color might go back to being green in some other cases. As long as it is green, I don’t think there is a cause for alarm, but it is advisable to change the filter instead of cleaning. It is healthy that way.


When the LED light turns on yellow and is flashing, it signals that it is almost time to get the pur water filter replaced. You can tell how long you can use it after seeing a yellow light. So, it is important to prepare for replacement as soon as the yellow LED light comes on.

The signal gives enough time before the pur water filter is exceeded, which helpful because no one likes to be surprised about a filter that isn’t working. You can either choose to change the filter, which is probably the safe move. Or you can continue use the filter until it turns red.


Everyone knows red signifies danger. You can guess what the red LED light means. It simply means that the filter cannot maintain the water quality like before. It is not as efficient as before, and it will not be safe to keep getting your drinking water from it.

Don’t use the water filter once the red light is on. You are causing yourself harm because you are at the risk of consuming pollutants. The yellow light would have given enough time, and there is no excuse to keep using it.

How Does Pur Water Filter Light Work?

Many water filters users may wonder what the lights on filter are all about. They might look confusing at first but is all pretty simple.

Think of it like traffic lights. What do you think about when you see green? What about yellow? And red? These colors are universal which makes them easy to understand for many situations.

How does this pur water filter light work? No one has a total hang of how pur water filter light works, but there is a general opinion.

The light mechanism is works as counter that notes the number of times you have refilled the pitcher after use.

For a pitcher, a faucet works in a different way. The counter will keep tabs on the volume of water released from the faucet. It will also calculate the flow rate of the water.

There are two specific marks for both methods. The LED light will change once the water output goes beyond the first mark. Also, when it goes beyond the second mark, the LED light changes.

The lifespan of a water filter might be measured by the gallons of water dispensed or by the number of days used. Say your pur water filter has a lifespan of sixty gallons or thirty days.

When the usage is getting closer to the lifespan, the LED light changes. Once the lifespan is exceeded, the LED light changes again to signify that you need to change the water filter.

Another view says the LED light is controlled by the pollutants absorbed by the water filter, but closing looking, there is no connection between the LED light and the filtration system.

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How to Reset Pur Water Filter Light After Replacement

After a successful filter change, one necessary thing to do is reset the LED light. Not resetting the LED light means it will keep showing the red light, which is no more the status of the pur water filter.

Resetting the light isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need to do is press and hold the reset button for a few seconds, after which the counter will be reset. This will allow the light to show a blinking green light as soon as you start using the pur water filter – the first time after replacement.

At this point, I am sure that you have a good understanding of pur water light works. Simply put, the mechanism puts the use of the filter in check and notifies you of the status of the filter via the color. As I mentioned earlier, you can relate the light to traffic light. The principles are very similar. As greenlight stands for good to go on the road, greenlight stands for safe to use on pur water filters.

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