How Long Do Berkey Fluoride Filters Last?

Do you use a Berkey fluoride filter? And you want to know how long it lasts? Berkey is one of the known brands in the world of water filtration.

Based on the reports from first-hand users, it was claimed that Berkey filters are effective even in getting rid of bacteria and viruses.

No matter how good a water filter is, it will still wear out. Even Berkey water filters wear out. How long do Berkey fluoride filters last?


How Long Do Berkey Fluoride Filters Last

How Long Does a Berkey Fluoride Filter Work?

Firstly, this can be determined by the gallons of water that you use in your house, and also the maintenance culture created around the filter.

Berkey fluoride reduction filters can go on to filter up to one thousand gallons of water. Well, I’d advise that you base the maintenance frequency on time, not on the water used or consumed.

You should change the fluoride reduction filter every year.

If you are experienced with water filters, you will agree with me that this lifespan is a generous one.

Concerning the fact it was advised that the maintenance should be done on a time basis, many factors come in knowing when to replace a filter than the amount of water used.

Things You Need to Know About Berkey Fluoride Filters

For more effectiveness in the removal of contaminants, the fluoride reduction filter is used with a black Berkey filter which is another product from  Berkey.

The fluoride filter needs more maintenance than the black Berkey filter, due to the difference in the maintenance frequency.

It is so important that you always change your fluoride reduction filter every year, even when one thousand gallons of water has not been produced from it.

It is not bad if you are monitoring the quantity of the water being produced by the Berkey fluoride filter, but it is better and easier to monitor the months.

There are ways you can figure out if the filter needs to be changed. The first is by setting reminders that will let you know once it is a year, or once you notice that the pressure at which the water comes out is slow, you should swing into action.


Things You Should Know About Black Berkey Filter

I figured out that I should also talk about the black Berkey filter since I brushed on it in the previous subheading.

First, I should let you know that the lifespan of the black Berkey filter is 3000 gallons of water or 2-5 years.

A plus is that the Berkey system comes with two filters. So, that means double the lifespan.

So if you are using two Berkey filters, that means you can use them for up to about 3 years.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the cost of changing filters so often. The purchase is widely gapped.


How Often Should I Replace Berkey Fluoride Filters?

You must know the right time to replace your Berkey fluoride filter, this helps in retaining and sustaining effectiveness in the water filtration system.

You might have to do some calculations to know when you need to do the replacements. This is how it works for both the Berkey fluoride reduction filter and the black Berkey filter.

First, you would have to monitor the amount of water that the filter produces daily for a week. You should measure in gallons.

Calculate the number and divide it by the recommended lifespan of the filter in gallons which is 1000 gallons for fluoride filter.

This will give you the number of weeks your filter will be effective.

If you are having issues with the calculations, there are other means by which you can know when to change your Berkey fluoride filter.

One rule for all Berkey filters is that they can produce one gallon of water in one hour. Anything less than that is a signal that the filter needs to be changed. So, check how effective the product is.

Another way is by using food dyes. Add drops of food dye to your tap water. Normally, the water should clear out once the dye reaches the bottom.

If it does not, and you still see the food dyes, it is a sign that it is time to change the filter. What this simply means is that the dye is not being filtered out effectively.


When to Use Berkey Fluoride Filters

Will the Berkey fluoride filter still last long as expected if I use it for bathing water? Of course, no. The fluoride filter was not built to work on bathing water. You can use your Berkey filter for drinking water, cooking water, etc.

To purify your bathing water, you might need a filtration system like a reverse osmosis system.


How To Make Sure Berkey Fluoride Filter Last Longer

Even though the filter does not need frequent and heavy maintenance, little care from time to time will do some help in making sure that the filter stays effective for a longer period.

You can clean the filter every three months. The clean-up will help clear out any build-up that can reduce water pressure and flow.

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