How Long Do Water Filter Cartridges Last

Why do you need to change your water filter cartridge?

The main function of this filter is to stop harmful bacteria and other toxic and nontoxic components. So, because of that, you must change the filter.

If you don’t change the filter and use it long period, it’s possible that these contaminants will grow up and you will endanger your health.

Also, there is a possibility that the inside of the filter becomes hardened, reduces water pressure and the filter can explode so will do a lot of damage to your furniture, floor, wall, etc.


How Long Do Water Filter Cartridges Last

Factors that influence the period of change

The first and most factor is water usage. If you consume a lot of water, you should change the filter more often because the water, bacteria, germs, and chlorine damage the filter, and the usage period is shortened.

The second is the quality of the water. If you use clean water, you can use the same filter longer time.

Otherwise, if the water that you use is dirty and of bad quality, the filter will work more and the changing period will be shortened.

Third and also important thing is that when you change the filter you must clean all dirty that the old one left in the filter bearing because if you didn’t clean it all that dirt will stick on the new filter and that will reduce the usage period.


Usage period

Every company gives different recommendations but all of them are connected with gallons of used water.

Most recommendations are to change the filter after 40 gallons or two months. But also, this usage period is different at different filter types.

CTO carbon block is used to remove chlorine, chemical pesticides, taste, and odor from water. This filter is not the best, it has a short usage period and it is a bad economical choice.

– Activated carbon filter, this activated carbon is like a fine granule or a powder. The absorbing capacity for organic gases is much higher than that of CTO carbon block.

The adsorption rate is 100-1000 times faster.

Compared with traditional activated carbon ACF has more uniform micropores, a larger adsorbing capacity, and a faster adsorbing rate.

Because of high-quality materials and new technology ACF costs more than CTO carbon block, but the usage period is much longer around 3-6 months.

– Ceramic filter is used for filtration, antibacterial, removing chlorine, removing organic chemicals, pollutions, taste, and odor from water.

Ceramic filters have a lower functional effect than ACF and CTO carbon blocks. This filter can’t remove some inorganic salts and heavy metals. That’s why those filters are not recommended.


Also, the usage period depends on how is it used.

– Whole – house filter must be changed every three-six months.

– Under sink water filters should be changed every three to twelve months depending on the model.

Countertop water filters are used for small spaces. They need to be changed every six months or ten thousand gallons.

– Faucet – mounted water filters can be changed every two-three months.

– Refrigerator water filters should be changed every 6 months.

– Shower filters can be used for around six months. If there’s a large presence of chlorine in the water, you need to change the filter more often.

Reverse osmosis filters last longer than other types and should be changed every two to five years.

If the filter is not exposed to water and moisture, it can last forever.


Signs You must change the water filter

Unpleasant taste, the nasty taste of water can occur because of the presence of toxic particles in the water. If the water tastes like metal or dirty you definitely must change your filter.

Odor occurs due to the presence of chemicals and contaminants that gives a bad smell to the water. This is a good reason to change your filter as soon as possible.

Reduce water pressure because of clog in the pores of the water filter.

The changed color most common is brown color because of rust particles or sand in the water. Color also can be yellow as well as red due to the presence of iron, arsenic, copper sulfate, manganese, and other toxic chemicals.

Floaty moldy bits, dark-colored pieces in the water are probably mold, and this water is so much hazardous for drinking and can cause serious diseases. This is serious sing to change your water filter.

Slippery water may occur due to very high particles of unfiltered parts like minerals.

System information at new models that have got LED screens to inform you when you need to change your water filter and this can’t be ignored.


What happens if you don’t change your water filter?

Even if you don’t change your water filter in the recommended period or after recommended used water gallons, it doesn’t mean that the filter is not affecting your water at all.

The carbon used in water filters works great for removing contaminants bacteria from the water, but it also makes a great place for some bacteria to grow.

Because this water filter works like a sponge when it reaches full capacity it is unable to absorb any further contaminations.

Leaving a water filter in your dispenser for too long may mean that it will develop bacteria and make the water worse.


The water moving into the old water filter will be unfiltered.

You will be exposed to all the chlorine, sediment-laden, bad tasting, or smelling water.

And last, if the water filter is too old it becomes gummed and harder for the water to pass through the system.

This can be annoying and frustrating, you must wait a long time for the same amount of water.

This means that daily activities like showering, laundry, feeling up bottles, etc. take longer than usual.

In general, not changing your water filter when it is time means that the filter will stop working at full capacity. The water may be much worse than the unfiltered water as a result.

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