How to Install Flexible Water Heater Connectors

Though the prospects of installation of water heaters are daunting, it is not a difficult task anymore. The water heater connects to make sure that you perform a convenient and fast job with no crimping, material, solder, or any other special tools. You need to push and fit the connectors of the water heater unless they stop. There is an interlocking design of water heater connectors that allow a swift and secure connection. The removal of tools also helps in disconnecting joints. With the help of water heater connectors, the installation of the water heater has become 95% easier.

How to Install Flexible Water Heater Connectors

You should choose and use high-quality flexible products, which are ideal for water heater installations. The flexible system creates a leak-proof secure and reliable connection.

Following we have laid out an entire guideline regarding the installation of flexible push connectors to your water heater:

How to Install A Flexible Water Heater Connector

  1. Starting with Installation of Water Heater Connector

Install Flexible Water Heater ConnectorsBefore getting started with the installation of Flexible Push Connectors, you should read out the rules and guidelines of the water heater. Also, do not forget to disconnect and shut off the main water valves, gas valves, or any other electric supply sources.

You should cut off the electric supply to the water heater fully. Otherwise, you will endanger your life by working with a connected water heater. It is not enough to turn off the switch. You should cut off the electric supply line, providing electricity to the water heater.

  1. Disconnecting Water Lines

It is also important to disconnect the cold water lines. If the water lines are made of copper material, you should cut them 12 inches above the new water heater. However, if water lines in the water heater consist of threaded pipe, try to disconnect the older heater from the existing heater. It will leave male threaded ends at 12 inches atop the new water heater.

  1. Draining the Water from Water Heater Connectors

You must also drain the water from water heater connectors to avoid any problems in the future. You can drain the water from the water heater connector following the instructions of the manufacturer. You should have the manual book of the water heater.

If you have misplaced the book by any chance, try to reach the guidelines of the manufacturer through their website. Customers can also call the support team of the water heater connector.

  1. Attachment of Hose to Nipple and Marking Tube

First of all, you should tighten the threaded end of the flexible push connector. The water heater nipple may not be offered along with the water heater. So, you might choose and purchase the water heater nipple separately. Also, utilize the flexible hose during the process. It helps in determining where to cut and divide the copper water line. Also, remember to mark the tube 2” below the fitting of push at the end on the copper tube at least.

  1. Cutting the Water Heater Tube

Previously, you had measured the tube and marked it with a pencil or marker. Now, you should cut the copper tube water lines square for utilizing a tube cutter. If you do not have a tube cutter, you can use the fine-toothed saw.

After cutting the tubes, you should deburr the tube both outside and inside. You can utilize a half-round file. There are also deburring tools available. The deburring tool or half-round file helps in reducing and removing sharp edges from the tube. Likewise, you should clean the tubes well by removing all the grease, oil, and dirt. Also, if you are utilizing PEC tubing, you should use the PEC stiffener.

  1. Inserting the Water Heater Tube

Now, it is time to mark the tube for indicating the perfect tube insertion depth. Generally, you should insert the water heater connector at 7/8” for ½” normal pipe. You must also use the 1” for a ¾” nominal pipe. You should also connect the push that fits the end of the flexible push connector for cleaning the undamaged pipe. You can do this in a twisting motion. Make sure that you do not straighten the flexible push connector hose more tightly.

  1. Finishing the Installation of Flexible Water Heater Connectors

You should securely connect the fittings and tubes in the flexible water heater connector. You can check this by seeing whether the depth mark had met the release collar. This is the basic process of installing a flexible water heater connector. You can also repeat the process of installation of flexible water heater connector, and carry out the process for the second time. This is how the water heater connectors are installed basically. There are nothing more daunting or special procedures. You do not have to wear any kits or undertake any difficult steps.

The process to Follow after Installing Flexible Water Heater Connectors

You should connect the flexible water heater to the electric supply, water supply, and other connections. You do not have to pay a hefty amount of money to a mason or electrician to perform his simple task. You can also install the water heater connector by yourself at home.

Things to Take Care before Installing Flexible Water Heater Connectors

There are many things that you should be cautious about regarding the installation of flexible water heater connectors. You must not work in a messy way. You should be organized and disciplined. First of all, you must gather all the equipment that you need to perform the task. There is no use in running for fetching equipment during the process. IT will only create a lot of fuss for you mentally and physically. So, it is considered important to keep all the paraphernalia near.

Next, you need to have sufficient light for installing water heater connectors. If you cannot see your target, how will you be able to install the water heater connector?


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