How To Install MWF GE Water Filter

Did you just buy your GE refrigerator, and do you need help knowing how to install the MWF water filter? Or do you want to replace the water filter for your GE refrigerator? You are at the right place, just at the right time.

This MWF water filter is a water filter model that works well with a SmartWater refrigerator. As you know that water filter installation differs by model, hence the need for an installation guide and instructions.

Even though the GE refrigerator is a model refrigerator that might have a little variation on the means of operation, there will still be basic common grounds among all refrigerator water filters.


How To Install MWF GE Water Filter

Where is MWF GE Water Filter?

The location of your refrigerator water filter is important in the installation process. The location of the water filter might differ by refrigerator model.

The majority of the refrigerator water filters are either found at the base of the refrigerator in the grille or the upper right corner of the refrigerator.

For the MWF GE refrigerator water filter, the water filter will most likely be found at the upper right corner of the refrigerator.

Take note of this location, while trying to get your MWF GE refrigerator water filter installed.

How To Install GE MWF Water Filter

Either you are replacing your MWF GE water filter or you are just installing it anew, you are at the right place to get just the guide that you need.

  1. The first step is to remove the old water filter that needs to be replaced. Grasp it and turn it to the left, up to half a turn.
  2. Get the new filter you want to install. You will find a protective foil at the bottom or from the end of the water filter. Put a little water inside this water filter so that there will be better flow as soon as it is installed
  3. Gently put the top of the new water filter into the cartridge holder. Gently turn the filter to the right until it keys. Don’t try to overdo it. Once it stops and keys in, after about a half-turn, just leave it.
  4. Now, run water through the dispenser for about ten minutes, or about four gallons of water to clear off the new water filter.
  5. If the dispenser has a replacement indicator light, you should reset it since you have a new water filter installed.


When Should I Change my MWF GE Refridgerator Water Filter?

One of the key things in maintaining your refrigerator water filter is knowing the right time to do certain things.

The goal of getting a water filter in the first place is to make sure that you get to drink quality drinkable water without putting your health at risk.

When you think about maintaining the water filter, think about this goal. Without maintaining the water filter, the goal won’t be met, and your health will be at risk.

The recommended time to change your MWF GE water filter is every six months. Once the water filter spends six months being used, it is advisable to change it as soon as possible.
If you don’t change after six months, it won’t take time before the water filter will be ineffective.

You should always prepare beforehand for the six months lifespan, or you might get yourself several water filters so it doesn’t hit you suddenly. Just make sure you change the water filter when necessary.


What Will Change If I Don’t Change My Water Filter?

With the way the change of water filter per time is hammered, you are wondering if it is important. The effect can’t be overemphasized.

The first is that the water filter stops working literally. So, it is almost like you are without a filter because, by the time the six months lapses, the water filter will almost be at the point of being worn out from use.

Of course, you know the danger that comes with drinking water that is not purified, the health might be at risk.

It could also affect the plumbing, causing them to wear out easily due to sediment. Also, water pressure will reduce, as there will be buildups of sediments, etc.


Signs That You Need To Change Your MWF GE Water Filter

When the water filter needs changing, there will be glaring signs just to let you know. So you don’t have to worry if you are not so good at keeping track of the time.

It will be better if you change it right on time before the signs start becoming glaring, though. At that point, it might be unhealthy to consume the water from the water filter.

1. Water filter alert color change

This is a safe means of knowing if your water filter needs replacement. So if your water filter comes with an alert. It might not be color change mode. Whatever it is, the most important thing to note is that the alert will indicate the necessity to change the water filter.


2. Bad taste

It starts to taste bad. At this point, you need to change the water filter with immediate effect. The taste can feel sometimes like tap water. Don’t let it linger, attend to the water filter.


3. Bad smell

Yes, your water can also smell bad. This might not be so obvious. You probably can only notice this just before you drink your water.


4. Slower water pressure

This is mostly due to buildups of sediments on the passageway of water. It is advisable to clean up the passageway immediately after replacing the water filter.


Why Should You Replace Your Water Filter

There are several reasons why you need to replace your water filter from time to time.

  1. Effectiveness

If you still want clean and drinkable water. Then replacing your water filter from time to time is not even an option.

  1. Your health is important

When your water filter gets all wrecked after so much use, it becomes useless and ineffective. It is tantamount to not using any filter. Yes, your guess is right, the water is not filtered, and you are consuming water that is not so clean. This is unhealthy.

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