How to install Pur water filter on pull out faucet

Installing in your home a water filtration system is critical due to the tap water’s poor quality. With water filters, you get to choose a lot of options. Deciding on installing a Pur water filter for pull out faucet is to concentrate on two things:

  • Water filter faucet and
  • Water filter specifications

People installing in their kitchen pull-out faucets consider the ease of using it.

There is the facility of washing the dishes, cleaning the fruits and vegetables, and clearing away from the sink areas the dust and surrounding debris.

How to install Pur water filter on pull out faucet

How to install Pur water filter on pull out faucet

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Pur filters eliminate microbial cysts to 99.95% such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, leading to intestinal illness. Pur offers clean, freshly-filtered, crisp-tasting water, besides saving money. Installing a pull out faucet on Pur water filter is immensely helpful.

How to Install Pur Faucets

The majority of kitchen sink faucets feature an aerator. An aerator is the attached round bit at the faucet end.

The foremost step is to screw off and remove the aerator. It determines if or not the faucet requires an adapter.

The filter may fit in the current size of the faucet or if not, the Pur faucet comes as a kit containing several threaded adapters.

You can ensure the faucet and filter works together.

On having the correct adapter, place the appropriate size rubber gasket, it comes with the kit.

You can screw the adapter into the faucet end. You can also finger-tighten into place the adapter.

As the adapter is in place, assembling the filter unit is possible.

It involves taking off the filter unit top, removing from the filter the packaging, and placing the filtration unit.

The alignment arrow should be such that it should match the shape as per the filter unit guiding the filter installation.

Screw the filter unit top back manually once the filter is properly aligned and is in place.

Installation of Pur Water Filter Adapter

  • Sink faucets feature at the end around the tip and it must be removed as the first step.
  • Remove the aerator by unscrewing it and bring it to your faucet.
  • Try different adapters to get the best fit on your faucet.
  • On finding the best fit, place the rubber gasket and screw it onto your faucet adapter.

Installation as steps

Step 1– Unscrew the filter unit top.

Step 2– Remove from the plastic wrapping the filter cartridge and place it into the filter unit top.

Step 3: The filter cartridge features an arrow in the front. Ensure it lines up on the front of the filter unit with the PUR logo. Then, screw the filter unit top back on.

Step 4: Install onto the adapter the filter unit, such that it is attached to the faucet.

Step 5: Ascertain to push until you hear the click sound.

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Filter Installation

A black lever is on the filter unit side. You need not use your filter if it is flat. Use the filter by turning the black lever down. Then, run through the filter cold water at all times.

However, on using for the first time the filter, and run for approximately five minutes the cold water.

Your filter is ready after that to use, anytime you turn on the faucet.

Each time, you need to change the filter; you can notice a light flashing six times on the front.

  • Green- Filter is working.
  • Yellow- Filter is working, but soon needs to get a change.
  • Red- Change the filter.

Remove the filter, using the quick release option. On the adapter on each side, there are white small buttons. Squeeze in and the filter unit comes off.

The Right Fit

It is hard with older faucets to fit an adapter to the faucet end the existing thread. Pur offers other fittings, but for an alternate fitting, you have to place an order at their website.

There may be leaks at the connection point, resulting in water waste. Check the rubber gasket at the end to ensure it is in good condition.

It is not damaged, cracked, or pitted. In case the gasket is not proper, it must be replaced.

It is a must to enable tightening the adapter assembly into the faucet threaded part. Make sure to use the appropriate adapter and gasket.

The Pur filtration system lasts for two years. It is one of the affordable ways to ensure drinking water quality and will the pull-out faucet reaching it becomes simpler.

Thus, you can avoid plastic bottles from reaching the landfill.

Finishing Installation

The filter unit once assembled should click on the adapter in place. Remember to push it until you the click sound, to ensure secure installation. You need to push a button to active filtration.

As the filtration is in place, there is a need to run cold water for five minutes at least through the filter.

The filter is ready once this is flush down. For replacement follow the flashlights appearing.

Many models feature turning on and off the filtration. This allows users to safeguard the filter life during tasks such as cleaning countertops or washing dishes, where the normal water is enough.

Adding a new pull out faucet

Adding a pull-out faucet on a Pur water filter becomes difficult if there is space constraint. Pur faucet filters are the best as it is easily attachable to any standard filter.

Adding a new faucet requires a bit of craftsmanship to get your way around.

If there is a space constraint, drill in your sink a hole and insert a new faucet with the filter connected underneath.

If you are planning an entire house filtration system, you need on a pull-out faucet a separate filter.

The water will come to the faucet as filtered and purified. You may install under sink filtration system such that it is connected to the water supply.

Thus, enjoy healthy water into the pull-out faucet. If the pull-out faucet has a sprayer, it may be useful to clean vegetables and fruits, but not to fill bottles.

Wrapping Up

As workable solutions with the Pur water filter and the pull-out faucet, means:

  • Install on the standard faucet the Pur water filter and the pull-out faucet.
  • If not, remove the existing pull-out filter and in its place install a new faucet.

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