How to Install Samsung External Water Filter

Are you ignoring a water filter? It is time you install an external water filter on your Samsung refrigerator. It is a must as a clean water filter ensures there is no sediment buildup in the water dispenser or the ice maker.

Having an external water filter ensures you enjoy the best water quality.

Samsung refrigerator comes in different models and so it can be located as per the refrigerator model. There are the Samsung French door, side-by-side, or four flex refrigerators bringing a huge difference.

The Samsung external water filter is easy to be located as per the refrigerator model.

The three locations are in the freezer compartment on the top right-hand side or between the drawers or behind the refrigerator.

How to Install Samsung External Water Filter

Installing External Water Filter

The need for installing an external water filter is to purify the ice that receives the water supply and also the water dispensing refrigerator. The water filters in the inline help in removing the odors and chemical tastes, thereby making water better tasting and fresher.

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How to Install Samsung External Water Filter

Steps to fit the external water filter on Samsung refrigerator

  • To begin with, cut the shutoff valve and ensure the supply line is disconnected. You can mark the width of the filter on the supply line and get it cut out.
  • Ensure to tighten in small increments the pipe cutter and be cautious so that you do not pinch the copper soft tube. You may deburr using a file or sandpaper, the cut end. Then use a utility knife to cut plastic tubing.
  • Install the refrigerator external water filter as it eliminates the bad taste from drinking water and also from the ice cubes. You can find these filters from appliance stores and home centers.
  • The filter fits into the copper or plastic water supply line of the refrigerator. You must locate the filter close to the water shutoff valve. Keep 6 inches at least as the clearance between the refrigerator and the wall if you plan to install the external water filter behind the refrigerator. On installing the system, you may consider quick-connect fittings, so that changing filters is easy.
  • Disconnect from the valve, the supply line by ¼ inches, and ensure the shut-off valve is turned off. Under the valve, hold a bucket to catch residual water. Some valves may leak. You must turn off the supply valve of the main water to your home. Cut the tubing back and attach quick-connect fittings. Snap the filter into fittings.
  • Secure the fridge side tubing with a copper strap of ¼ inches and flush the filter so that the fine loose carbon particles are dispensed off. If you notice any leak, tighten the fittings or nuts. Strap the filter to nearby support and take the stress from the tubing. Write on the filter the installation of the external water filter date and replace it with a new one once in six months.


Required Tools to fit Samsung external water filter

With the necessary tools, you get to save frustration and time. The essential tools are:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • File
  • Bucket
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Rags
  • Tube cutter
  • Pipe strap
  • 1-1/4-in. screws
  • Inline water filter


The Water Filter on a Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung instructions are simple that you can get started as a DIY, without the need for technical expertise skills.

Step 1: Buy correct Samsung water filter

It is best to buy the Samsung water filter from a reliable source. It is best to keep away from knock-off brands. They may be available at cheaper prices, but the quality is incomparable. The Samsung Water Filter Factory-made is available online.


You can schedule the water filter by saving the online program and get it shipped once in six months, and avoid suffering from an outdated filter.



Step 2: Verify to use the right part

The water filters for the refrigerator are specific as per the model number. It is because you must use the appropriate filter for the refrigerator, and cannot do with any water filter. Make sure to buy the correct filter kit and remember once you open the kit, it is not returnable.

Verify the refrigerator model number to get the correct water filter product, before purchasing.

The Samsung water filters are ideally good for 6 months or 300 gallons. The Samsung water filter comes with an instructions manual, a new water filter, and filter expiration stickers to work as date reminders.


Step 3: Locate on Your Refrigerator the Samsung Water Filter

The location of the water filter depends on the Samsung refrigerator configuration. The French doors water filter and the Four Flex models location is on the French door fresh food section, between the produce drawers. The Samsung side-by-side refrigerator water filter is on the right-hand side in the fresh food side of the bottom drawer.


Step 4: Prepare for Installation

Preparing for installation of the filter means removing simply the plastic wrapper and the top cap is unscrewed.

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Step 5: Install Samsung Water Filter

Turn to the left-hand side, the filter knob, to install the water filter. It will take around a ¼ turn to release the water filter. Remove the filter without turning the water supply off. If the filter does not release, pull the refrigerator forward and without fail turn the main water supply off.

Install the new water filter by screwing it with a 1/4 clockwise turn into place. Hear a pressure noise as the filter locks in, it is normal. Keep a count of 6 months and on the fitter handle place the sticker. It works as a six-month reminder.


Step 6: Eliminate 1 Gallon of Water

Run a gallon of water using the filter and hear for 3-5 seconds in the lines some air noise. Discard the water and the water dispenser is all set to use.


Step 7: Reset the Water Filter Indicator

Reset the Water Filter Indicator light. This is required while changing. You must hold down for 3 seconds the crushed ice button.

Simple tips for External fridge water filter:

  • Find an isolation valve located on the water supply line of the refrigerator. Turn it off and draw water into a large glass to depressurize the system. Do this from the fridge water outlet.
  • Keep a towel and bucket ready to clear water spillage. While fitting ensures correct flow direction.
  • Place the filter and place the replacement date sticker in a visible area.

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