How to Remove Fluoride From Tap Water

For many years, utility companies have been adding fluoride to the water supply. The reason for this is that fluoride is good for oral health. However, recent studies have shown that artificial fluoride can be harmful.

Fluoride contains by-products that are a threat to your overall health.

Thus, people need to drink fresh water that has no fluoride. There are many ways for you to remove fluoride from tap water.

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Why remove fluoride from tap water?

Removing fluoride from tap water is vital before you drink it. It has come to light that artificial fluoride is the cause of many health problems.

For several years, no one knew about this.

That is why the utility companies added fluoride for benefiting people’s oral health. Nonetheless, recent studies show that this artificial substance harms rather than benefits.

Therefore, you will need to buy water filters that can remove them safely.

Also, there are many other ways to remove fluoride from tap water. You can do these at home with convenience.

How to Remove Fluoride From Tap Water

What health problems can fluoride cause?

The utility companies add artificial fluoride in tap water to benefit people’s oral health. It has been going on for years.

Thus, most households in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries get fluoride in water.

However, recent leaps in medical science find artificial causes harm. So, there are some worst health hazards that it can cause.

It can cause thyroid problems, neurological problems, tooth, bone damage.

Hence, people who drink excessive fluoride also can suffer from many skin issues and cardio problems.

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How to remove fluoride in tap water?

How to Remove Fluoride in Tap Water

Removing fluoride from tap water is vital for your health. It causes many health hazards. Therefore, you have to find ways to remove it from the tap water that you use daily.

To remove fluoride from water, you need proper scientific methods or water filters. These are some of the ways you can use to remove fluoride effectively.

1. Distilled Water

Distilling water is an effective method for removing fluoride and other impurities from tap water. Anyone can do it at home with comfort and at no cost. It takes few minutes to heat the water, and it starts to boil.

When the water boils, the steam leaves the container. All the contaminants remain in the pot you use for boiling water.

The clean water vapors collect inside a bottle upon cooling. Hence, you can use fluoride and contaminant-free drinking water.

To get distilled water, you need a pot, a lid, and a stove. So, the process is easy, and everyone has access to these utensils.


2. RO Water Filters

Various types of reverse osmosis water filters provide chlorine, lead, fluoride, and contaminant-free water. You can install them under the kitchen sink or have countertop filters. Also, these come in the shape of a jug or pitcher.

There are stages for filtering water. These can be from 3-stage to 7-stage for filtering tap water.

Depending on the filtration stages, you will get pure drinking water free from harmful substances. There are also carbon, coconut shell, and alkaline remineralization filters.

The alkaline remineralization filter returns natural and healthy minerals into the water.

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In every RO water filter, there is a reverse osmosis membrane. It only allows clean molecules to pass through.

However, it also filters healthy minerals. So, you can understand how potent this RO membrane is for removing all harmful metals, chemicals, arsenic compounds, and others.

You can use RO water filters with alkaline filters for returning healthy minerals into drinking water. Thus, the RO filters can remove fluoride from tap water and provide gallons of clean water for the whole family.


3. Activated Alumina

This element is a form of aluminum oxide. It can absorb fluoride from tap water. There are activated alumina water filters, but it is a complicated process.

So, only experts can help you use it for removing fluoride from tap water. However, there are some devices that you can use at home for removing fluoride from water.

You can buy these as water filter pitchers or home water filter systems.


4. Deionizer

Another effective method for removing fluoride from tap water is deionization. It ionizes salt that is present in tap water. Also, it removes almost 90% of water minerals.

When you use deionization for removing fluoride, make sure you use ion-exchange resin with the system. Not all deionization systems remove fluoride.

Thus, check before you buy any deionization water filter system. Another option you can use if you already have a water filter at home is to add a deionizer filter.

A deionization cartridge is available for adding to the water filter system. The benefit of using a deionization water filter is that it softens drinking water. It effectively removes all contaminants from tap water.


5. Countertop Water Filters

There are many types of countertop water filters available for removing fluoride from tap water. These are easy to install. Most come with instructions and support DIY installations.

You can buy these in the form of reverse osmosis filters or other types. Other types of countertop water filters have specific filtration stages for removing contaminants.

Some do not have reverse osmosis water filters. However, these can still remove fluoride, chlorine, and odors.


6. Water Filter Pitchers

The water filters in the form of a pitcher, are affordable and portable. You can use these inside the refrigerator or carry them with you when adventuring outdoors.

These come with reverse osmosis water filters or without. Most of the water filter pitchers remove fluoride and chlorine from tap water.

The process is simple. All you have to do is pour tap water into the filter pitcher. It then filters the water and removes impurities and harmful metals.



Removing fluoride from tap water is necessary for you and your family. It can cause health hazards.

Recent studies show that people might suffer from skin, bone, thyroid, and other health problems because of drinking fluoride.

Thus, you can use various methods for removing it from tap water. The best way is to use a RO water filter.

However, the water filter pitcher is an affordable and portable solution.

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