How To Replace Frigidaire Water Filter

Do you have a frigidaire water filter you’re using in your home? And you’re wondering if it’s due for replacement?

Probably you’re even certain about the need to replace it, and you need help on it. Here you have a detailed guide to help you with replacing your frigidaire water filter.

As you might have known, water filters do a great job in supplying us with quality water to drink. Hence, the importance of a water filter.

Frigidaire is not a type of water filter but a brand that produces water filters. Of course, the same products from each brand might have slight if not wide differences in their operations.

This justifies your search for how to replace your frigidaire water filter. It’s perfect that you are here!

Where is Refrigerator Water Filter Located?

Knowing the location of a refrigerator water filter is important in the process of changing or replacing the water filter.

Most of the refrigerator water filters can be found in two major locations. One is at the base of the refrigerator, in the grille. The second location is at the upper corner of the interior on the right side.

At any of these two locations, you will find a knob that triggers the removal of the refrigerator water filter.

When Should I Replace My Refrigerator Water Filter?

You need to know the right time to change or replace your refrigerator water filter. The essence of filtering the water in your home is to get quality and safe water to drink. Using a water filter that should not be used anymore may add problems to the water being supplied from the local municipal.

The recommended time to use a refrigerator water filter is an average of six months. Once this recommended time elapses, it’s a matter of time before your water filter becomes ineffective.

You can change it a little before the recommended time, but make sure you’re not going way over the recommended time of use.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Change My Refridgerator Water Filter?

You’re wondering if there are negative side effects to not changing your water filters. Yes, there are.

The first is that the water filter stops filtering your water effectively. The carbon filter will be so worn out to absorb contaminants any longer. You know what this can cause. It can deteriorate your health, as the water you’ll be getting won’t be quality.

This can also cause a lot of issues for your refrigerator water filtration system.

What would you prefer? Changing your water filter or putting your health and the refrigerator water filter at risk?

Signs that you need to change your refrigerator water filter?

When the refrigerator water filter is due for changes, there will be obvious signs showing you that you need to change the water filter.

  1. The water filter alert will change color, showing you that you need to change the water filter as soon as possible.
  2. The water begins to taste bad. Many times it takes like tap water. When you begin to get those funny tastes while drinking your water, gear your attention to changing your water filter.
  3. When the filter produce tastes bad too, it’s an indicator that you need to change the water filter.
  4. The water starts to smell bad when it’s dispensed. The smell won’t be obvious. You might only notice just before you drink the water.
  5. The pressure at which water is being dispensed gets slower than usual. This could be a result of accumulated sediments in the passageway since the filter isn’t effective.

Why should I change my refrigerator water filter?

I’ve nailed and hammered how important it is to change your refrigerator water filter. There are several reasons why you need to change my refrigerator water filter.

  1. The water filter needs to be effective for it to produce the expected results. You need to keep changing the filters overtime to get this.
  2. Drinking quality water is very important for your health.
  3. You don’t want to keep getting that bad taste while drinking your water.

How to Replace Frigidaire Water Filter

As earlier established, frigidaire is a brand that produces refrigerator water filters. Frigidaire produces two models of water filters which are

  1. Puresource Ultra II water filter
  2. Puresource ultra water filter.

There are few variations in how to replace these different models of frigidaire water filter.

How To Replace Frigidaire Puresource Ultra II Water Filter

As earlier established, make sure to change your water filter once every six months or after 200 gallons.

  1. Find the location of the water filter — upper-right corner of the refrigerator.
  2. Then remove the water filter by rotating the filter anticlockwise to lose the filter from the housing
  3. Get the new water filter you want to install.
  4. Remove the wrap around the new filters, slide it into the housing with the grip oriented horizontally, and push it in
  5. Once it’s right in place, turn the filter using the grip 90° right, making the grip oriented vertically.
  6. Make sure you run the water for about three minutes and discard the water. This primes the filter and clears every dirt, due to the fact you’re just replacing the water filter.
  7. The last thing you need to do is reset the water filter status using your refrigerator user care guide.

How To Replace Frigidaire Puresource Ultra Water Filter

You might be wondering if there’s any difference between the two models. Yes, there is a difference, even though they may seem little.

The ultra water filter is a push-push filter, and it’s also mostly located at the upper-right corner of the refrigerator.

  1. Push the filter to lose and remove the water filter.
  2. Get your new water filter, and get rid of the protective caps of the filter.
  3. Get the new filter into the housing
  4. Push it in till it keys and it’s held tightly in the housing of the water filter.
  5. Run the water for about three minutes to prime the filter. Make sure to discard the water.
  6. Finally, reset the water filter status using the user care guide.

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