How To Use A Zero Water Tester

With the increase of the world’s population, pollution is gradually increasing. Due to the spread of urban societies, we are cutting down more trees so the atmosphere is changing.

Due to all these situations, we are losing our natural resources, and water is one of those things. It is very difficult to find pure and clean drinking water nowadays.

How To Use Zero Water Tester

Water is very contaminated and contains a lot of pollutants from the environment. Besides these pollutants, minerals and other elements are present in our soil that mix with water.

Some of those elements may be harmful to human health. It is very important to check the quality of drinking water.

That is why I recommend buying the zero water test. It’s awesome!

How To Check The Drinking Water Quality?

Usually, people check the water by its appearance whether it is clean or not. But if it comes to drinking water, we cannot only test it with our eyes. We have to do some tests to check the presence of minerals, metals, and, microbes.

So a standard is used to check the quality of water that is TDS is total dissolved solids.

It will not show the presence of large particles but will tell the number of dissolved solids in water. For measurement of TDS, a special device is used called the TDS meter. Here is the TDS meter I recommend you buy. It works great.

It will tell the presence of all the elements that are present in dissolved form. It will show some reading that will tell whether the water is suitable for drinking according to health researchers or not.

As different companies are selling TDS meters, but in this article, we will specifically discuss “zero water tester”.

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Zero Water Tester Chart (TDS In PPM)

zero water tester chart

Have you tried filtering rainwater

Do Total Dissolved Solids Affect The Taste And Smell Of Water?

If anything is present in a large amount of water, it will change the taste and smell, even its appearance. If a high amount of TDS is present, it will change the taste of the water.

It can also increase the turbidity of water. The researchers have set a limit of TDS. If they are present in less amount that water is safe to drink.

Slightly high TDS water can be filtered, but the water containing high TDS will be unsafe for drinking.

How to use a zero water tester

Is TDS Harmful Every Time?

Total dissolved solids contain all the soluble particles. It may contain calcium, fluoride, copper, mercury, manganese, lead, arsenic, etc.

They are not always harmful because our body needs many of them. Mineral water companies also add some useful elements to the water.

TDS meter will measure all the organic materials present in dissolved form. So, TDS doesn’t mean it only contains harmful substances.

What TDS Reading Is Acceptable For Human Health?

The presence of good substances in water is good for human health. So water containing TDS levels up to 300mg per liter is good for health.

The water containing TDS between 300 to 600mg per liter is also good but not ideal.

TDS level of 600 to 900 is not good but slightly acceptable. TDS level above 900 is not acceptable for drinking in any case.

zero water tds meter

What is a zero water tester?

It is a TDS meter by “ZeroWater” that gives the accurate value of TDS. It gives the results for per million particles of drinking water.

This means if the TDs reading of your water is 90, this means 90 dissolved solids are present in 999910 molecules of water.

It is a very accurate tester amongst all present in the market.

How To Use a ZeroWater TDS Tester?

ZeroWater TDS meter is used to check the quality of your tap water or whatever source you are using. It is a small electronic device that is very easy to use. It has a small bulb or a detector at one point.

This portion has a lid that covers the lob. It also has 1 on/off button and a hold button and a small screen to show the reading.

Remove the cap and press the “on” button. Now, put the bulb end of the meter up to 1 inch in the water and hold for a few seconds. Now record the reading shown on the small screen.

The “hold” button has no use when taking the TDS reading.

zero water tester

What will be the solution if the water has high TDS reading?

A certain amount of elements including calcium, magnesium lead, fluoride, and others is safe for the human body.

If the limit exceeds, it can be bad for our health. The water containing a high TDS level will have a high amount of these elements that should be removed.

You can remove it by distillation or boiling but it will be a long process. So to make this method simple, ZeroWater has a solution for you.

They have high-quality filters that process the water by Ion exchange method.

The filter has 5 parts, the water go through those 5 filters and clean the water very well. The 5 stages ZeroWater work in the following way.

  • The first filter is a coarse filter that removes solid particles from the water and passes it to the next level.
  • The 2nd stage has a foam distributor that just transfers the water evenly to the next level. It further filters the macroparticles.
  • The third step contains activated charcoal and an oxidation-reduction alloy. This removes organic compounds and also improves the taste of water. The oxidation alloy removes heavy metals from water.
  • The fourth stage does the ion exchange process as it contains ion exchange resins. It exchanges the foreign positive and negative ions from water.
  • And the last filter contains an ultrafine screen that removes any suspended particle present in the water.

When the water passes through these five filters, it will be free from any debris and dissolved ions.

So if you measure the TDS level of ZeroWater, it gives a “000” reading which means no TDS present. ZeroWater filter removes about 99percent TDS from the water and makes it Ions-free.

You will get about 6gallons of ZeroWater in a minute through this filter.

It is necessary to change the filter after some time because the solids are present on the filters can affect its efficiency.

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