How To use Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

Sawyer squeeze water filter weighs just 3 ounces and it ensures users get access anywhere in the world or in the back country to drink clean water. You may fill at a stream, lake, or river a pouch, screw on to the pouch the filter directly and squeeze the bag so that the filtered water transfers into a bottle.

Sawyer squeeze water filter offers 0.1-micron filtration. It removes bacteria to 99.99999%, such as eliminates cholera, salmonella, E.coli, and leptospirosis. It removes protozoa such as cryptosporidium and giardia and removes micro plastics around 100%.  There is a lifetime warranty that is award-winning and is versatile as it is simple to use and just needs your hand palm. The biggest advantage is that the Sawyer Squeeze water filter is suitable for international travel, back country trekking, emergency preparedness, and lots more.

How Squeeze Water Filtration System Works

0.1 Micron Absolute Filtration – Our water filters have U-shaped fiber micro-tubes hollow in shape. It has a high number of micro-tubes to trap contaminants and it allows decontaminated water to pass through freely at a high flow rate. It eliminates the necessity of storing water and after using the sawyer squeeze water filter, the contamination possibility is completely reduced.

The Squeeze has 0.1-micron filtration certified. It means no pore size is larger than 0.1 microns in size. Thus, it makes harmful bacteria such as Salmonella typhi, coli, protozoa, vibrio cholerae, etc, difficult to pass through the squeeze water filter.

how to use sawyer squeeze water filter

Squeeze Water Filtration Features

  • Clean water for a lifetime– The biggest advantage of using the Sawyer Squeeze water filter is that it is ideal for hiking, outdoor recreation, scouting, camping, and emergency preparedness, international and domestic travel. The Sawyer Squeeze water filter offers several ways of accessing clean water. Merely filling up the reusable pouch from any water source is acceptable. All you have to do is screw onto the pouch the filter, and directly drink it from the filter or shift the clean water into a water-bottle. You can also screw the filter onto soda bottles or some standard disposable water bottle, or attach it on hydration packs as inline, you can enjoy clean water. Enjoy its versatility that will serve you for a lifetime of clean water.
  • Field maintenance– The Squeeze water filter of Sawyer has sturdy membranes for filtering that easily withstands backwashing using the syringe and restores the filter’s flow rate up to 98.5% each time you try cleaning it. The Squeeze may be reused and cleaned indefinitely and there is no need to spend on buying expensive cartridges with each replacement. However, it is recommended to sanitize and backwash the filter for optimized use after every outing.
  • Versatility- The weight of the 3 ounces Sawyer Squeeze water filter makes it the most compact filter that is easy to install on your hydration pack inline or you can also roll it up and include it into the collapsible pouch taking minimum space. You can easily carry it wherever you go and it does not occupy a huge space in your bag or weigh you down.
  • The Backflushing – The Sawyer Squeeze water filter comes with a syringe that helps to backflush or cleaning. You can easily fill the syringe using clean water and push the water through the squeeze backward to the backflush.
  • The O-RING: Within the Squeeze bottom inside you screw it to a water bottle or your Sawyer bag. This o-ring is removable offering an easy water transfer through the Squeeze from your dirty container. The Sawyer threads are shallower than the water bottle threads and so do not over tighten the Sawyer. If you do so, you will damage the filter and the o-ring, besides your filter stops working. If you find the o-ring to be a bit loose, replace it with hardware-available rubber gaskets or ensure to get the FDA-approved one suitable for food use and ensure to having toxins-free water.
  • Compatibility- The Squeeze water filter comes with bags to filter. Of course, you can also use your store=bought water bottles. If your water bottle has the regular cap, just swap out the cap and place the Sawyer Squeeze to enjoy clean water at all times.

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Best points of using Sawyer Squeeze water filter

  1. The weight of the Squeeze water filter is less. It weighs 85g or 3 Oz. It means it is heavier than Sawyer Micro and Sawyer Mini that weighs 2 Oz or 57 g. The Sawyer Squeeze is a lightweight option suitable for any type of backpacking. It is easy to store directly and is compact to keep in the backpack side pocket.
  1. The ease of use is the best point. It allows you to screw-on the filter, fill the bottle or bag. Use the squeeze water using a filter. It is simple and you have to connect to your water bottle the Sawyer Squeeze.
  1. The flow rate is terrible on the Sawyer Squeeze. You can do backflushing. Of course, the flow rate is good, but after a few times of sediment-heavy water filtering, the flow rate is not the same as it was in the starting.
  1. Squeeze is an updated version and it has 32 fl.2 oz pouches, accessories additional for inline use and gravity, and a cleaning coupling. The membrane filter is hollowly removing all types of bacteria. The pouches are collapsible as they are made from durable Mylar foil and are worth reusing many times.
  1. Screwing the squeeze water filter onto a pouch or bottle and squeezing the pouch, ensures the water passes through the filter. Includes Inline Adapters, gravity tubing, and comes with a syringe that helps in back-flushing so that the filter continues to maintain a good flow rate. The filter fits on most water bottles you buy and also has a mesh carrying case. It has the pull or pushes built-in cap that allows spraying water into the mouth straightly or using it to fill the water bottle in 30 sec. Enjoy clean water hassle-free.

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