Mophorn Water Distiller Review – Buyer’s Guide

Mophorn Water Distiller Review

Mophorn Water Distiller review

Do you have hard water for regular use and if you are putting it into appliances such as humidifiers or steam irons, it is of no use. Even before you realize it, your appliances will get clogged due to malfunctioning and limescale. Thus, investing properly is required and it means a home water distiller is a requirement, to eliminate the hard water issues. However, it is not for drinking water. The low mineral levels in the distilled water are harmful. Especially, it is of no use as small children and athletes as they sweat and lose electrolytes.

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What is Distillation?

Mophorn water distillerDistillation is the water filtering oldest process that man knows. The beauty is that it is effective even now as the right water filtering process, regardless of the various technological advancements.


Water distillers give crisp and clean water. However, some people are unable to enjoy the taste of the distilled water. If you find it distasteful, you may add some salts or minerals to the water. It will improve the taste of the water and will make it healthier.


Distilled water is available after water distillation. The process of distillation is when the substances or components in a liquid get separated through the evaporation process and it is followed by condensation. The process of distillation depends on the volatility of components. Distilled water has a low pH and lacks oxygen. Besides, the minerals stay back in the stem chamber, so distilled water lacks minerals, thus the water taste appears flat. Increasing the pH level will improve the taste of distilled water.


There are several water filters and distillers available, yet the Mophorn water distiller is highly preferred for its best reasons.  Read the Mophorn water distiller review here:


Why Mophorn water distiller?

If you are on the lookout for a large capacity model, you can settle for a Mophorn water distiller. It easily holds at a time a gallon of water.  The shell of the Mophorn water distiller has Polypropylene of the food-grade with a carafe BPA-free and the boiling chamber is in stainless steel. The condensing coil, the inner cap, the water outlets, and inlets are in stainless steel. It also has a soft catheter preventing leaks.


Appropriate power source

Mophorn water distiller design requires a 110 Volt power source to work.  The condenser fan changes from the plastic in earlier models as it is now available in aluminum. It has undergone this change aiming to improve the cooling effect. There is an automatic safety shut-off, while the power output is 750 watts. The distiller power is down if the temperature increases by more than 320 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you keep it constantly on, you can distill per day up to six gallons. There is a handle that is useful and so allows moving easily between places.


Honest marketing

Mophorn is from the few water distillers’ manufacturers who are known for their honest marketing. The fact that Mophorn water distiller is introduced is that it is beneficial for skincare routines, cleaning of contact lens, and prolonging electrical appliances life. There is a confident statement that the tea and coffee also taste better, though the drinking water is not so perfect. It tastes less tasteful.


Activated charcoal

Mophorn water distiller has a sachet of free activated charcoal in the package. It is beneficial to purify and improve water. The biggest catchy part is that this distiller comes in funky colors. You can pick from fiery red, white, silver, or bling gold. There is the silver version that adjusts to the temperature and is an ideal option to distill alcohol.


The formula of Distilled water

The water purified formula is H2O. It is a triangular molecule having two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Thus, it is H2 + O representing its shape. Theoretically, it has a neutral ph7.0 in distilled water.  The power or capacity to transmit heat, or to conduct sound or electricity is known as substance conductivity.  If the number goes lower than the ph scale 7, it will be considered as acidic. In distilled water, ph value 7 is neither acid nor base. However, when distilled water is exposed to the air, it dissolves carbon dioxide, making it slightly acidic.


Large capacity

Anytime you are looking for distilled water of 6 gallons a day, you need not think beyond the Mophorn water distiller. Mophorn is the only choice that removes the water contaminants for such a large capacity. You may use this water distiller for other liquids and to distill alcohol. Its effectiveness makes it ideal for commercial and domestic use. The distiller is in the food-grade quality. Cleaning is also easy as the distiller and the container have large openings. There is no need of replacing filter cartridges. If you wish to move it you can do it comfortably using its specially designed handle. Another biggest advantage is that it resists dry-burning and features overheating protection.

  • It holds over a gallon capacity
  • High-quality aluminum condenser fan
  • Available in a range of colors
  • The resistance of dry-burning and no overheating, that the machine turns off automatically when the temperature is 239 degrees.
  • The instructions do not say how to use the charcoal sachet that comes with the package
  • It lacks the on-off switch.


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Wrap Up

Mophorn Water distiller is the oldest filtering waterway. It is a method of filtration that is used constantly throughout the ages as it is appropriate. Even modern technology has not disturbed the need for distilled water. Whatever methods exist to clean water, even today the distillation method for water is found to be highly beneficial in keeping the water contaminants away.


Going through the Mophorn water distiller review, buyers can arrive at an informed decision about the water distiller required for your home. It is one of the appropriate ways of making your drinking water safe from contaminants. It is cleaner water as it is distilled water and is cleaner than all other water types that are cleaned as filtration process. Mophorn water distiller is the best for everyone, especially children.


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