Softpro Elite Water Softener Review 2022

There are many reasons why the Softpro Elite water softener is the best choice for solving impure water problems. A complete review can explain the benefits. Also, it comes in two options.

Therefore, you can use it for well water or city water problems. The company innovates its products and provides the best solution for softening city or well water.

It uses efficient technology that saves money and salt. So, you can get the best results economically.

Plus, it has an electronic meter with an LCD touchscreen. Other features make it one of the high-end softeners. The review will explain more.

softpro elite review

Why should I use a water softener?

If you want to protect your skin health and value home appliances that use water, it is the best choice. Hard water contains minerals and elements that can cause skin and scalp problems.

Also, it damages the washing machines, coffee makers, and other water-using appliances. Not to mention the harm it causes to the plumbing pipes.

You will see spots on the glassware and dishes that you wash. It is because of the impure tap water. Plus, the scaling inside the water pipes is because of hard water.

Therefore, the Softpro Elite water softener can help you rid of all these problems.

Another advantage of using a water softener is the clean water supply to all faucets and baths.

Thus, you can take showers and wash your hands using pure water. It will reduce the wastage of soaps and increase the life of home appliances.

All water softeners use a brine tank that has ion exchange technology.

Thus, it ensures that the filtration process uses the best technology. The result is chemical-free, bacteria-free, and VOC-free fresh drinking water.

It filters fluoride and chlorine efficiently. Hence, it is the best way to get fresh water.

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Softpro Elite Features

The Softpro Elite softener system comes with a lifetime warranty. It is because of its premium-quality parts and water softening technology.

Also, there is a high-efficiency flow rate valve with an LCD touchscreen. So, you can control the filtration process and use it conveniently.

All of its parts and brine tank use high-quality and durable materials. Therefore, it will last long. The softener is assembled in the USA for quality assurance. Other features of this water softening system are the following.

The features of the Softpro Elite softener system can explain why it is the best solution. It uses the same technology that all softeners use.

However, there are many innovations for performance and efficient operation. That is why it is better than many other water softeners. Not every softener system comes with a lifetime warranty.

Any product that assembles and manufactures in the USA is of high quality. It is the reason why the company prefers to manufacture it locally.

Let us take a look at its features for a better picture.


The Brine Tank

Like all other water softeners, the Softpro Elite system uses a salt-based brine tank.

The difference is the way it works. So, it has a new technology that uses less salt to filter water up to 3PPM. It is twice the amount compared with other models in the market.

Thus, it will consume a fraction of salt to purify water.

Also, the brine tank holds a high concentration of potassium solution. Plus, the mineral tank has quality resin for softening well water.

It pushes the minerals through the resin for draining out. Therefore, it saves both the salt and the resin.


The softener makes sure that the regen process uses the best efficiency. It will recharge for 15 minutes and restore capacity when it is less than a 3% shortfall.

Therefore, it will soften the well or tap water until 2:00 a.m, regen time.

Another feature of this softener is that it also saves salt by activating 78% of the brine during regeneration preparations.

For this, it will calculate the salt requirement and use the depleted resin. To ensure that the brine tank remains clean, it adds treated water to it. Hence, there will be no untreated raw water inside the brine tank.


It increases the life of the softener because the vital components stay away from untreated raw water. The magnesium and calcium elements in well water are responsible for damaging home appliances and water pipes.

Also, these can damage the tanks of the softening systems.

There is a neoprene layer for protecting the tank. Thus, there will be no mold growth. Plus, there will be no tank condensation.


LCD Touchscreen

One of the best features of the Softrpro Elite is its LCD touchscreen control. Thus, it becomes easy to operate the softener system. You can check the status and set the preferences for the tank.

Also, there is an electronic touchscreen meter. This feature makes it convenient to use and check for maintenance. It is not easy to know the precise status of the salts, resin, and other vital things about the tanks.

However, an electronic meter displays the correct readings for you to take notice and act upon it. Therefore, you can maintain the system better.



When it comes to performance, it excels in saving salt costs and softening hard water. The focus is on efficiency and high performance with low maintenance.

So, the package comes with all the benefits of a high-efficiency softener. There are Smart Precision and Brining features that use less salt.

Therefore, it can save up to 30% percent of the total salt. Also, there are intelligent systems that can calculate brine quantity requirements.

Hence, there is less wastage during the regeneration process. No quantity of resin or salt goes to waste.


Another performance advantage of this softening system is its Upflow Technology system. It operates automatically to deliver soft water to all of the baths and faucets with the best flow rate.

Plus, it saves up to 75% of salt during the regeneration process.

There is also less water wastage when cleaning the impurities. You need 2-5 bags of salt for the traditional water softeners each month.

However, the Softpro Elite water softener only uses 1-5 bags of salt in a year. That is a lot of salt saving comparing to other systems. Thus, you can save a lot on loading costs.


Some sensors use next-generation technology to check for resin drops. Whenever the resin drops below 3%, the system uses a 15 min regeneration and restores the system.

Therefore, the system can perform throughout the day before its scheduled regeneration process.

It also has an adjustable backwash frequency. So, the softening system can save up to 2,000 gallons of water each year.

The Softpro Elite can last long because of the automatic flush feature. It eliminates the chances for the bacteria and mold to grow. Thus, the system extends its life and performance.


The quality of performance of this water softening system is better than many others.

It uses ion exchange technology to soften hard water.

It recharges quickly to make soft water accessible around the household.

There are NSF/ANSI certifications for better quality and material safety.


  • There is a lot of choice for selecting the size up to 110,000 grains.
  • The softener comes with a high-flow valve.
  • There is a lifetime warranty for the system.
  • It has a digital meter with LCD touchscreen display panel.
  • The company assembles it in the USA for quality assurance.
  • You can use live customer support for queries and issues.
  • It has the Next-Generation Upflow technology.
  • All of the parts and tanks are durable.
  • If it stays idles for seven days, it automatically flushes water to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Also, there is an automatic backwash feature.


  • The large tank occupies some space.
  • You need a professional for installing it.

softpro reviewcheck price on qwt

Buying Guide: Is Softpro Elite the best choice?

When you plan to use a water softening system for the whole house, it is best to determine water demand. It helps to purchase the correct capacity for the softening system. You can buy up to 110,000 grains capacity Softpro Elite softeners.

These come with a digital meter and LCD display that showcase its status and settings.

The system requires less loading of salt per year in comparison to other brands. Therefore, if you use the best capacity softener, you will save resin and salt costs.


It is best to hire a professional to install the Softpro Elite system. It requires installation with the point of entry or the main cold water pipe. If you have the plumbing knowledge and feel confident, you can install it yourself.

The reason is that the system has an easy-to-install design.

All of the installation parts and accessories come with the package. The expert can connect its components with the waterline. It can take up to an hour for the complete installation.


Maintaining the water softeners is vital for increasing its life and performance. That is why you can check the status of this water softening system using its electronic meter and an LCD touchscreen.

All water softeners use salts and resin to remove impurities from hard water. However, the Softpro Elite is efficient and requires less salt or potassium loading every year.

You will need to load 1-5 bags of salt each year. Also, the brine tank and the mineral tank can last for a lifetime. Always make sure that the water pressure remains below 80 PSI to keep the tanks damage-free.


How to determine water demand for the household?

Buying the correct capacity water softener system is essential to avoid soft water shortages. So, you can calculate the water demand for your household.

Multiply the number of family members with the gallons of water they use daily. Take the average number and multiply it with the grains of hardness in well water.

Thus, you can reach a number for the grains that you need. The water softeners come up to 110,000 grains capacities. So, you can select the best size for your home.

Types of water softeners

There are three types of water softening systems. The salt-based system uses a brine tank and an ion exchanger to soften water. Plus, it has two tanks. One of the tanks uses brine, and the other utilizes resin.

Also, there is a salt-free water softener that only helps to prevent descaling. The third type is the dual-tank softeners. These use two resin tanks to regenerate more.

However, these can be expensive. Therefore, the best system is the salt-based ion exchanger water softener.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any disadvantages of water softeners?

The water softeners eliminate minerals and make hard water soft. So, for some people, the water can be too soft. There is also sodium in the resulting water.

When the water softener is regenerating, can I use water?

It is best not to use water when the water softeners are regenerating.

What is the level of hardness that a water softener removes?

The softeners reduce magnesium and calcium from hard water. Most of these water softening systems can remove 5 milligrams from a liter of hard water.

When do I need to run the water softener?

You can use it every two to three days. Some of these systems can regenerate daily for best results. Therefore, you can refer to the manual guide that comes with the softener system.



The Softpro Elite water softener uses the latest technology to lower maintenance costs while performing better. It saves salt and resin when regenerating.

Therefore, you need to reload fewer bags every year. Also, it has an auto-reverse backwash system that keeps it clean. The softener system can auto refresh the system when the resin falls below 3%.

So, you will not run out of soft water supply. It has an LCD touchscreen with an electronic meter to check readings and status. Plus, there is a self-charging capacitor that keeps the date and time.

You can increase the life of all home appliances using it.

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