Waterdrop Wd-G3-W Under Sink Water Filter System Review

waterdrop g3 review

Waterdrop G3 is an advanced water filtration system. The Waterdrop G3 system thoroughly filters all water that goes in it.

By the time the water emerges on the other end, sand and rust impurities have been removed from it.

Besides sand and rust, the filtration system also gets rid of all other solid impurities.

Then it goes further, to also rid the water of chlorine taste and odor. Thus, the Waterdrop G3 filtration system’s usage is to make sink water safe to drink.

That it does by removing impurities like sand, rust, and all other solids. The design also makes sink water pleasant to drink.

That it does by removing the chlorine taste and odor — which can otherwise be very unpleasant.


Why use an under-sink water filtration system?

The water that comes out of the sink tap can have many impurities. Granted, an effort is made to treat the water (at the treatment plant). But the standard treatment still leaves many impurities in the water.

Remember, the average water treatment plant handles millions of liters of water on a second-to-second basis. Therefore, what happens there is only basic water treatment.

The water still comes out with some impurities. The best way to get rid of those is using an under-sink filtration system: like Waterdrop G3.

Moreover, there are impurities that creep into the water along the way. The latter impurities creep into the water in the process of it moving from the treatment plant to your tap.

They include rust and sand from the pipes used in the transportation of the water.

These two are best gotten rid of using an under-sink water filtration system: like Waterdrop G3.

The water treatment process itself is usually done using chlorine. And while chlorine does clear pathogens from the water, it introduces a smell and odor that many people find putrid.

The only truly effective way to get rid of that smell and odor is using an under-sink filtration system. Of that Waterdrop G3 is a good example. See waterdrop g2 vs g3 water filter review

waterdrop g3 filtration

Key Features of Waterdrop G3

The most outstanding features of the Waterdrop G3 water filtration system include:

Tank-less design

This ensures that the water that comes from the filter goes straight to the user’s glass. It doesn’t first go into a storage tank. And this is important because, with certain other filtration systems, the water first goes into a tank.

There, it can easily end up picking impurities, tastes, and odors: defeating the whole purpose of filtration.

The tendency for such ‘local’ water storage tanks to harbor bacteria is well documented. Even where there are no bacteria, one can be almost certain of other things.

Those include the stored water coming out with newly-acquired odors and tastes. These occur simply on account of the water having stayed there — however well-kept the storage tank.

Thus, tank-less design – like what we find in Waterdrop G3 — is ideal. With Waterdrop G3, the water has no chance to pick any new impurities after filtration. It goes straight from filter to user’s glass.


Easy installation

The Waterdrop G3 water filtration system comes in ready-to-use form. The ends that connect to the faucet hook/twist on instantly.

They connect to most standard faucet threads, without the need for any other materials. Where adapters and washers have to be used, these too screw/twist on very easily.

The system comes with a manual that is very easy to understand, even for a non-technical person.

It helps too that due to Waterdrop brand popularity, there are lots of installation videos on YouTube and other platforms. So you are unlikely to get lost in the installation process.

And just as the first-time installation is easy, so is the replacement of the Waterdrop G3 filter cartridge (once it loses efficacy).

The system comes with lights that tell you when it has lost filtration power and is hence is in need of replacement. Once you get to that point, you just need to twist the old filter off. Then twist/hook the new one into place: without having to use any advanced plumbing tools.

Compact design

This makes it easy to use even with the smaller sinks. The compact design also translates into easier shipment and easier installation.

Fast filtration speed

Waterdrop G3 delivers filtered water into your glass in less than a quarter of a minute (15 seconds). The average is between 10 and 15 seconds to fill a standard size glass.

It is really almost as fast as getting the water straight from the faucet. Only that this time, the water has actually undergone thorough filtration.

More remarkably, this is freshly filtered water. Not water that had been filtered, gone into a storage tank, and is now being delivered to your glass.

With Waterdrop G3, you filter the water and deliver it to your glass in real-time.

Long filter life

You can realistically expect between 6 months and 2 years filter life with Waterdrop G3. This is better than what you get with most other filtration systems.

More remarkable is the fact that Waterdrop G3 comes with easy-to-understand filter indicators.

That is the smart filter life indicator. That alerts you on filter exhaustion so that you can replace it.

Easy to find replacement filters

Because Waterdrop is a well-known brand, getting replacement filters for it is quite easy.

This is important because there are rarer filtration systems whose replacement filters are extremely hard to find in the market.

With Waterdrop G3, you should be able to find a replacement filter easily. Usually on the very same day that the older filter exhausts its power.

Anti-leakage features

Waterdrop G3 has the capability to detect leakages and cut the supply of water. This is important, as it helps preserve water and other things that may be around the sink.

waterdrop g3 review


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How to install Waterdrop G3 filtration system

The first step is to choose the adapter, with which to connect the Waterdrop G3 filter to your faucet. Then put the adapter, together with the washers that go with it at the appropriate spots.

After this, hook on the Waterdrop G3 filter system’s mounting base. Then insert the (prepared) Waterdrop G3 filter base onto the mounting base.

Flush the filter cartridge for around one minute with clean water. Thereafter start enjoying pure and safe water from it.

How it works

The filtration media inside the Waterdrop G3 filtration system is a carbon (that has undergone activation). Others are reverse osmosis membrane or natural mineral material.

The specific media depends on the filter type you choose. For instance, in Waterdrop-G3-N2RO, the filtration media is reverse osmosis membrane.

For Waterdrop-G3-NB, the filtration media is activated carbon block. It is this filtration material that traps the impurities in the water. The water – minus the impurities – comes out at the other end of the system, ready for consumption.

The impurities remain on the filtration media: from where they can be easily flushed with clean water.

This process goes on and on until the filtration media loses power/gets exhausted. At that point, it needs to be replaced.

At a more practical level, the Waterdrop G3 filtration system connects to a faucet. This is usually a cold-water faucet at a sink. All water coming out of that faucet then passes through the filtration material.

In the process, it removes any sand, rust or other impurities. The filter also gets rid of the chlorine smell and odor, to leave the water tasting and smelling nice.


Care and maintenance

Once you start using the Waterdrop G3 filtration system, it is important to be flushing it regularly. This will keep the filters working the right way, for the duration that they are active.

Even the first time, after installation, you need to flush the Waterdrop G3 filtration system before starting to use it.

It is also important to be monitoring the efficacy of the filter cartridges. One good thing about the Waterdrop G3 system is that it has (light) monitors for these.

It is unlike other systems, where you often have to check the filters directly. With Waterdrop G3, the monitor tells you when the filter is exhausted.

And upon getting to the point of exhaustion, it needs prompt replacement. Otherwise drinking water from an exhausted filter is as bad as drinking unfiltered water.


Pros of Waterdrop G3

  • Filter works for long before exhaustion. Suppose you are using the most basic Waterdrop-G3-N1CF PP cotton and carbon black filter. You can then expect to use for 6 months before the need for replacement. That is still a much longer filtration period than what you would get for other similar filters. Suppose you are using the more advanced Waterdrop-G3-N2RO reverse osmosis membrane filter. In this case, you can expect about 2 years of filtration, before needing to replace the filter. That is much longer than what most other similar filters offer.
  • The filter is easy to install and easy to change. The Waterdrop G3 filtration system comes with a pre-assembled mounting base. Onto that, you only need to fix the filter base, flush it and start using it. Changing the filter is even easier. It is just a matter of twisting off the cartridge from the mounting base, then twisting on the new/replacement cartridge.
  • Filtration is remarkably fast. Waterdrop G3 is capable of filling up a glass of water within 10-15 seconds. And this is with freshly filtered water. Not water that had undergone filtration long ago and kept in a storage tank. Very few filtration systems can match this performance.
  • Very high standard of filtration. Waterdrop G3 rids the water not only of particulates (sand, dust e.t.c), but also of impure odors and tastes. Very few filtration systems can go to the latter extent.


Cons of Waterdrop G3

  • Waterdrop G3 is relatively expensive. It is clear that Waterdrop G3 is designed and sold as a premium product for a slightly premium price. But many feel that it has features to justify the cost.
  • It is only suitable for small-scale filtration needs. If what you need to filter is a glass of drinking water, it is the system to use. But for jugs/more large-scale filtration, it would simply take too much time.
  • Filter does eventually have to be replaced. Much as the filter works for long before exhaustion, it does still exhaust. Then you have to replace it or lose filtration power.


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How long does it take to install the Waterdrop G3 filtration system?

Waterdrop G3 is the sort of system you can install in less than five minutes. Once you have the mounting base in place, you are almost done. After that, all you have to do is then get the filter cartridge to go into the mounting base. Then flush the filter for the first time with clean water, and start using it after that. These are the sorts of steps you can complete in less than five minutes.

Where can I get Waterdrop G3 replacement filters?

You can purchase Waterdrop G3 replacement filters online, including at Amazon. You may also find them in local stores that deal with water filtration systems. They are generally easy to find.

What makes Waterdrop G3 stand out from other filtration systems?

The main thing that makes Waterdrop G3 stand out from other filtration systems is its high performance. As long as its filters have filtration power, it is able to deliver very high standards of water purity.

It removes not only dust and rust (like other filtration systems), but also odors and tastes.

Waterdrop G3 is also remarkable in that it doesn’t require frequent filter replacements. And that it delivers freshly filtered water fast, in spite of its tank-less design.

Does Waterdrop G3 have a remineralization effect?

Waterdrop G3 doesn’t seem to have a remineralization effect.

Does Waterdrop G3 work with hot water faucets?

Waterdrop G3 doesn’t seem to be compatible with hot water faucets. It is for use with cold water faucets.


Final Verdict

Comparing the pros and cons of the Waterdrop G3 filtration system, we can conclude that it is a decent system. At least it performs its core function (of making water pure and pleasant to drink) quite well.

It delivers a glass of filtered water reasonably fast: in 10-15 seconds.

Its filter cartridges are able to function for acceptable periods of time, before needing replacement. For these reasons, it is a product that we would recommend.

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