5 Best Water Softeners for Tankless Water Heaters 2022

Did you know that water with up to 60mg of calcium or magnesium dissolved in it is classified as hard water? In fact, certain areas go up to 180mg. This means that you need to defeat water hardness, and there are some great water softeners out there to use.

You need a nice device to perform the water softening process effectively in your tankless water heater. (I wrote an article about water heaters and I encourage you to read it!) Using the right kind of device, you will be able to get rid of any stained dishes, ashy skin, and grimy clothes. You will definitely find water management easier when you get a highly effective water softener.

The best water softener is the Clearwave CW-125

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This is a lightweight electric softener that is very compact and weighs less than 3 pounds. The installation process is pretty easy, with its 4” width, 12” height, and 14” length. This softener was designed to prevent plumbing of any kind. It can be connected directly to the pipe for water supply. The softener also doesn’t requite use of any salt or chemicals, which means it requires less maintenance. 


  • An operating system that is eco-friendly.
  • Water pipe can be connected easily and directly.
  • An electromagnetic field changing the structure of hard ions.

As mentioned before, the softener is easy to use, making sure that your water will not contain any excess salt that could be harmful. This system of softening water is primarily reliant on electromagnetic waves. The water goes through the pipe and the molecular structure of the hard irons causes it to change. This prevents it from forming limescale on the water pipes or your household appliances because they don’t carry the power of adherence. This softener is free from maintenance so you can save a significant amount of money. This unit does not require salt replacements or constant plumbing. 

Most versatile option – Aqua-Pure Water System

The Whole-House Scale Inhibition-Inline system for water softening is quite versatile and reliable as it ensures your tankless water heater is safely guarded. It prevents scale from building up as it contains polyphosphates. It also helps to maximize the durability of the water heater. The system could lead to a boost in flow rate of water, with the pressure usually sitting around 25 to 125 PSI, the temperature also ranges between 40 to 100F degrees.


a. It is versatile and can be used with different pipe sizes through some adjustments.

b. It clears any buildup with the polyphosphates it contains.

c. It is great for traditional and tankless water heaters.

The softening system is built-in 304 stainless steel which is ideal for pipes being produced today. It also utilizes material resistant to corrosion to ensure you can use it for a long period. This system also ensures you find it easy installing it with its singular cartridge. But you should change it every six months, especially if you can see that the rate of flow is slowing down. You can also adjust your filter to fit various pipe sizes without any problem.

Another solid option: KleenWater Filtration System

The KleenWater Hot Water Filtration System is a great way to ensure the safety of your traditional or tankless hot water systems. It comprises of a polyphosphate water filter cartridge, a wrench, a bracket, and transparent water filter housing to ensure that your water is safe to use. The calcium bicarbonate, reacts with this phosphate compound to create non-corrosive and thin films that appear on the walls of your pipe. This film functions as a glass coating to separate your water from the hot water system.


  1. It works well with many tankless water heater brands
  2. It contains polyphosphate compounds, making it ideal for use in food and drinks.

c. It can be used suitably with most traditional and tankless water heaters.

This filter provides maximum temperature and work pressure. It can also be used for in application with cold water and in tankless water heaters. The installation process of this system is quick and simple and it acts against corrosion and scale build-up while also filtering sediments in the house. This allows you to keep your water and plumbing elements safe from acid water and hard water.

Another good pick: HydroFLOW Salt Water Softener

The HydroFLOW softener is a great alternative to the regular salt water softener. Its system utilizes sophisticated technology that electronically treats the water to prevent minerals from building up in the faucet, pipe, or water heater. The system doesn’t work to combat white scale build-up but instead fights against the collection of minerals in pipes and faucets. 


a. Guarantee that no minerals enter the faucets and pipes.

b. Can be used for galvanized fixtures, PEX, copper, and PVC.

c. It utilizes an electronically advanced system.

This water softener also doesn’t need any sort of plumbing adjustments, which is because of its non-intrusive properties. You can easily install it yourself and it can easily be attached to the pipe leading the cold water line. This system is quite reliable and it can be used for pipes that have a relatively small diameter. It’s eco-friendly and it does not use any softening chemicals in the process of making the water soft. This system also does not require maintenance as it can be used with copper, PEX, or PVC.

No hassle option: Triple Action Water Softener

This water softener is ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to go through the hassle of changing their filter every six months. It is a water softener without any salt composition that has an NSF certification and is free from BPA. This softener is subtle and it has a pretty compact design. After you install it, you can completely forget about it. It is built strong and will stay on the wall for a long time with the wall mount bracket. 


a. It does not require backwashing or electricity.

b. It can be used with well and city water.

c. It contains two-micron iron and bacterial filters.

This system is highly efficient in softening water as it gets rid of iron and intestinal parasites so you can utilize it in well and city water. This water softener is environmentally friendly and many people prefer it. A big reason for that is that you do not need to regularly replace the cartridges. This system comes along with a recharge kit and a poly salt-free sifter.

Buying The Right Water Softener

The primary purpose of water softeners is to remove the calcium and magnesium, replacing them in the mineral tank with sodium through an ion exchange process.

Water softeners also affect the lifespan of your water heater, and you are guaranteed that film is not left by the soap at any point. When you know the benefits of the water softener, you will recognize why you need to buy one for your tankless heater. Some of the benefits include:

Why Does Your Tankless Water Heater Need A Water Softener?

The first sign of hard water running in your home is spotty dishes and glassware. You will easily be able to spot the film of soap scum that develops on the bathtub, shower walls, and shower doors. But thankfully, removing the film is an easy process. The hard water might also affect your cleaning agents and make your laundry look pretty dingy. Your skin is also likely to have a scratchy and rough feeling, especially in places of low humidity in the winter months.

Now that you’ve gotten here, you should know why your water heater needs to have a water softener. Go through the details of these five water softeners, and you can even gain more clarity by going through the guide for buying the right softener.

1. Save money: The level of calcium in hard water is pretty high and it is also a poor conductor of heat. So, the water heater uses extra energy to ensure you get the right temperature when scale builds up in your hard water from the mineral. This causes your energy bill to be higher as the minerals in the water make your water heater perform more work to get the necessary amount of heat. The water softener prevents build-up and this boosts the efficiency of your water heater’s performance.

2. Longer plumbing and low risk of clogs: Scale build-up is developed in the water heater, and plumbing also aids its development. This causes the diameter of the pipe to become smaller while the tubes will not last as long. The water softener also works to clear any build-up as the risk for messy clogs is reduced. So, you will not spend as much time in the shower, sink, cleaning pipes, or scrubbing the bathroom. 

3. Softer skin and cleaner laundry: Hard water makes it difficult for soap to lather, so you will need to wash with more soap than necessary so you can get the amount of cleanliness you desire. When you use an efficient water softener, the clothes you wash will be soft and bright. The soap will lather easily so they will be much cleaner. Your skin and hair will also benefit greatly from the water softener as well. Your hair won’t look frizzy and dry, and your skin won’t look dull. They’ll both look healthy and bright when you use water without calcium and magnesium contained in them.

What to look for when buying tankless water heater

  • The water softening system’s price is mainly reliant on the brand, capacity of the system, the features it possesses, the materials, as well as the type of water softener. 
  • You can choose to use a salt-based softening system or a saltless water softener. These salt-based softeners are bigger, so you can buy alternate models like magnetic, electric, and softening systems that are free from chemicals. 
  • You can also get a system that has a user-friendly feature like a filtration system so that the water will automatically be cleaned to help it taste better.
  • To ensure the longevity of your water heaters, ensure that the water softeners are made using materials of high quality. It’s best to get one with at least a one-year limited warranty. 

If you choose to get a salt-based softener, then you should check for the resin capacity. You also need to ascertain how much water you use depending on the number of people using it. A larger capacity means that there will be a low frequency of the softener regenerating. There is a wide variation in the grain capacity and this capacity is linked to the brine tank.

Another important thing you should consider when choosing which water softener to buy is space. Many houses go with the middle size of the softener. This means having an iron tank and brine tank with a 2-piece item is enough. You need a big capacity with these systems because of the brine tank. You can ask for the dimensions of the water softener from the manufacturer, and even get full details about the product online.

On a Final Note

  • Ensure you have all the information you need before you start shopping, Water softeners are available in many different varieties and brands. Every brand works to get rid of calcium and magnesium, replacing them with sodium ions.
  • Look at the salt-free water softeners. You can also ask some professionals because water softeners come in two variants: electromagnetic and catalytic, which work to prevent the build-up of limescale. 


Everything must come to an end and this is also the case with the water softeners for tankless water heaters. We have listed the five best options and you can go through the buying guide to ensure you get all the information you need.

You can also ask anyone that has recently bought one to offer assistance or give you more details about it, especially if you still have any questions that we have not already answered.

It is a definite fact that water softeners are the best choice for your tankless water heater. So, you will be able to save on unnecessary maintenance costs while enjoying water that is free from salt.

You will also get to enjoy very bright and vibrant hair and skin, and walk out feeling confident in your sparkling clean clothes. 

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